What brand of cycling computer do you use, and why?


Hello riders! What brand of cycling computer do you use, and why? Thanks all!

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  1. Wahoo, cuz garmin used to suck.

  2. Wahoo Element

  3. I don't ha e one… but I'm trying to get one .. just taking a bit till I have ..one

  4. i just use my garmin 910xt

  5. Wahoo Element

  6. Garmin Edge 520 – compact, works with my fitness tracker, the software communicates with Strava, great battery life – just good gear.

  7. my smart phone

  8. Cat Eye Padrone …old man sized screen
    Strava…when it works with Samsung its excellent


    Endomondo…it always works well.

  9. Sigma Rox8.0 Gives all the read outs and heart rate .also down loads to my laptop .

  10. Wahoo Elemnt BOLT

  11. Garmin Touring Plus. Perfect for everything and cheap.

  12. Garmin edge 520, good battery life and works great with strava.

  13. Bontrager Node 2.1. small, simple, good battery life, gives me everything I need, and included a heart monitor for when I decide to utilize that. And I got a great deal on it from my lbs.

  14. Garmin 820. Mainly for the touchscreen (replaced a Garmin 810 which was also touchscreen), the ability to put it to sleep to save battery life (only dropped to 55% during a recent century), text/phone alerts on screen, suggested recovery period.

  15. The 520 does the text alert/phone call alert thing. Comes in handy.

  16. Cat eye Padrone with a bigger face, easier to read. 🙂

  17. Garmin… Cause they're the best!

  18. Don't use one, don't need one, I know how far I can go LOL

  19. Strava and Cateye Padrone

  20. Garmin Edge 820. Love live Strava segments.

  21. Garmin Edge 820. It is compatible with my other Garmin product's.

  22. Garmin Edge 500. I have the n+1 affliction and the edge allows me move computer from bike to bike…no programming needed

  23. Depends on the bike

  24. my favorite one were the old Avocets. Compact, easy to use and reliable. I know that doesnt help for a current recommendation but I sure liked them

  25. Specialized Sport – cheap, basic, simple, no GPS.

  26. Planet Bike. It's the best one I've found so far, and it suits me.

  27. Wahoo Bolt. It's intuitive, easy set up, synchs w/Strava, and has incredible battery life. My brother, an avid cyslist, has offered to trade me his Garmin 520 for the Bolt, even up… and I just smile.

  28. garmin. shows lots of data and pairs with cellphone

  29. Schwinn bicycles from Walmart. It's cheap and all I really care about is how fast I'm going. .

  30. Garmin Edge 20 and automatically connects to my Strava. But would like one with a power meter

  31. Great question Scott Stahl, how'd you know I'm in the market to replace my damaged Bryton? I "did" use a Bryton 310E on my Raleigh but it was cracked as a result of a collision with an auto in the Walgreen's parking lot. I had a Cateye Padrone on my fat tire bike which is worth its weight in silver & gold, so I switched it out replacing the Bryton, but I loved the Bryton! It's a lot of computer for the buck and I miss my Strava app a bunch! Have looked at the Garmin line also, but they are somewhat pricey! Still shopping but man, I'm glad you posted this- it's like you read my mind!️️️

  32. iPhone and Strava….. I know you get more features with a computer but I love the ease of this combination

  33. Garmin Edge 1000 compatible with Vivo and camera.

  34. Garmin 520. Just because.

  35. Garmin Edge 1000 and radar…

  36. I have a sigma but I hardly ever use it the thing is just too darn big on the bars plus I keep forgetting to grab it when I go

  37. Garmin 820… love that little booger

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