What are you guys and girls using for camping chairs/stools.


Morning from sunny Utah at 8,000 feet. What are you guys and girls using for camping chairs/stools. Where do you draw the line between size/easy to pack and comfort. Looking a a 10-12 day trip. Thanks! Dave

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  1. It’s not sunny in salt lake… I just use a cheap small tripod chair that I bought on Amazon. I hardly sit while moto camping, so I didn’t put much effort into the chair. Where ya going?

  2. Never needed a chair. Always a rock or log or even a bike seat nearby. Most campgrounds have picnic tables.

  3. after a decade of bike (due to a monster smash up) i want to get some miles before the pin and plates ache too much in the cold. . So the plan is Vegas to Glacier national park coming in west side and exit east.Then hit yellowstone park then down though the Grand Tetons. tentative leave date would be Sept 1st 2018 to avoid the school holidays (and i have to give work that much notice) it should be about 2500 miles not including any side trips in the parks. We’ll have 100 plus degree weather in vegas and it should get better as we head north. We may spend a few day in Utah on the way back just to see more of it too..

  4. I generally take one of those folding canvas chairs along with me.

  5. Little blue chair from Wally world. Small lightweight comfortable and only $13. Works for me.

  6. I take folding chair in a bag strap it to top of saddle bag or back seat ride on

  7. Dave, the lighter you are, the easier it will be to find something for you to comfortably and safely use. How tall and how big are you?

  8. 6’3 and 180lb

  9. A good chair is a must. If size is the concern but you still want some comfort you won’t find a better chair than the helinox chair. If the rest of your gear packs tight and you have the right setup a zero gravity chair can’t be beat for portable comfort.

  10. Helinox ????

  11. I have a collapsible three legged Stool with back rest that I use in the deer blind and find it quit comfortable

  12. I have a collapsible by Grand Trunk, when I remember it.

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