What are these wires coming out | YZF R1


This might be a stupid question but what are these wires coming out of my rear calliper on my 5pw/rn09 2003 r1? As far as I'm aware this model doesn't have abs or any sensors in the rear brake?

What are these wires coming out | YZF R1

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  1. Inline brake pressure switch. Weird spot for it typically

  2. Brake light pressure switch

  3. Pressure sensor to tell when rear brake pedal is depressed?

  4. Brake pressure switch as said, but usually it’s installed near the master cylinder……

  5. Needs to go on the m/s line

  6. It’s not on mine. Interesting..

  7. God knows i haven’t got them on mine

  8. Take it you have after market rear sets on. Should be mounted on the end of the mc.

  9. Brakelight pressure switch.

  10. As Dave said. All bikes have one but it is usually on the back of the rear master cylinder

  11. I have goodridge braided lines on and a Brembo master cylinder so Maybe the pressure switch had to be moved?

  12. Brembo is standard i think

  13. It is a pressure switch used to activate the tail light when the rear brake is used. It is usually mounted on the master cylinder side of the line, not the caliper.

    Works either way.

  14. Yea it’s gonna be the pressure switch, just been moved because of mods I guess (previous owner spent a shit ton of money on this bike)

  15. Aye, looks like harris rearsets

  16. Thanks for clearing that up guys

  17. If it works, don’t mess with it.. LOL

  18. Brake light switch

  19. Has anyone mentioned that it’s a pressure switch, for the brake light? Yes? Well, allow me to mention it again.

  20. It’s an m80, light the fuse and walk away.

  21. just more unsprung weight..

  22. No rear brake light switch for me anyway. Just barley hit the front brake with your rear, boom there’s your rear brake light switch (y). I mean how often do you JUST use the rear around town when slowing down? Unless i missed the cool kid party the shits useless anyway lol

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