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I have an approaching dilemma and I need some opinions please.
I will be buying either a 06 heritage delux or a 08-09 heritage classic. Over here in the uk they are around the same price for really nice low mileage examples. Do I go for the beautiful carb fed delux or the fuel injected later model heritage.
What are the pros and cons? Any advice would be most gratefully received.

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  1. My personal opinion.
    Fuel injection rules. I’ve only just started riding in 2014 and both my bikes were bought brand new. 2014 and 2017. So I have no experience with the carbs.
    I prefer the Heritage look. The deluxe is awesome but for me I like the two up style and retro look of the Heritage classics.

  2. Fuel injected…

  3. I assume you mean 06 softail deluxe? Not heritage deluxe. The “con” with the 06 is 88 cubic inch motor. The “pro” to the 08-09 is the bigger 96 cubic inch motor and it’s fuel injected.

  4. 09 FLSTC owner here. Go for the fuel injected bike.

  5. I’d go with fuel injection.

  6. Both are great bikes, but I woukd stick with fuel injection in my opinion…

  7. I would go towards a later bike with a six speed box. Both engines are great and I’ve got a 14 year old 1450 with 72k on the clock, but I’ve always felt it needs a 6 th cog…

  8. I’ve got 08 heritage classic fuel injection great had carb on springer lots of fiddling .my 96 bumped up to performance 103 way better.

  9. Fuel injection heritage for sure. Leaf the screen off if you like

  10. If you plan some motor modes down the road a carb unit is easier to jet and upgrade. Injected requires power tuners. I prefer the softail classic look though. Good choices either way congrates to you.

  11. Had carb and injection…on heritages..both have benefits…all depends on what your intentions are..not sure how people that have only had one can give you an opinion?

  12. Nothing sounds like an idled down carbureted model though! You can’t lower the idle on fuel injected models without doing some damage to the charging system.

  13. I’ve ridden a mates 5 speed deluxe and I own a 2010 heritage and although I dig the look of the deluxe the six speed box on my bike is a major plus and those couple of extra cubes on the motor will make a difference especially if you are cruising into a head wind, especially with a wind screen on.

  14. Get the 08-09. The 06 has cam chain tensioners that have to be changed every 25-30,000 miles, and it ain’t cheap.

  15. Carburator, they are the last real Harley’s, and the last Harley’s that sound like a Harley.

  16. On my heritage I also changed to gear driven performance cams ,no worries now I’ve got 194ooooh kml runs great.

  17. I never thought I would like fuel injection until I bought a motorcycle with it. My preference now is fuel injection.

  18. We own both. The carb does sound better, but cold natured and harder to crank. If you’re in a cold climate, you can’t just crank and go like the fuel injected bike, you have to warm it up first. Fuel injection fires first try.

  19. If you want a real bike go carburated just my opinion.

  20. I’m old school I prefer the carb.style bike yes a little harder to start if it is not tuned properly but tuned right no problem starting with fuel injection you definitely need a computer to do diagnostic tuning if problems arise an they WILL sooner or later.

  21. Injected is better to live with day in day out. 17 years ..love mine.

  22. Wife has a carburator, I have a 07 Heritage. She starts her bike and gets it warmed up, while I just hit the switch and I’m ready to roll. So, a carb bike sounds better sitting there idling?, tell me, are we just owners sitting around listening to our bikes idling, or riders. Your choice brother.

  23. Had both as I get older, I like things easier, fuel injection is easier!

  24. I have a FI classic and believe me, when its cold outside its nice not standing around waiting for your bike to warm up. Why is the deluxe the same price as a later classic? I thought the classic was more desirable due to extras

  25. Go fuel injected. Period

  26. Fuel injection is the way to go. 6 speed also. When on the highway it is really nice. 103 is fantastic.

  27. 107″ better yet!

  28. 114 better yet!

  29. Not only fuel delivery type but the later model has a six speed tranny, makes a difference.

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