What are the advantage of a woman’s bike?


What are the advantage of a woman’s bike? I’ve rode men’s forever, don’t see any advantage when borrowing woman’s. Am I missing something?

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  1. Planning to ride in a skirt? A step through frame might be easier for you. Other wise, no need. A women's geometry on a traditional diamond frame may be useful if you're smaller.

  2. No not at all. Emma Pooley rode an xs mens frame.

  3. Geometry on small and extra small frames may be different. On a bike with suspension the initial set up will be for a lighter weight rider. the bar width may be narrower, assuming narrower shoulders. The brake levers will have a shorter reach, assuming smaller hands.

    But, honestly, there is not all that much difference. Pink It and Shrink It is still the premise in many cases. The truth is that some women have long legs and short torsos, as do some men. Some women have short legs and long torsos, as do some men. There is no hard and fast rule. Go with what fits and is comfortable.

    If you look at Santa Cruz and Juliana frame geometry it is IDENTICAL for the same style of frame (XC, Downhill, Trail, etc.). Take a look at the new Specialized Epic hardtail, men's and women's. Compare the geometry. Identical in the same size frame.

  4. There are lots of female specific bikes out there and the main difference is the fit and positioning. I know lots of females who use men's bikes because it gives them more choice and then just change the saddle

  5. Also, women's bikes come with women's saddles. After trying about 20 saddles, I am on a men's saddle. It is what works for me. I have a Women's road bike, but my mountain bikes are men's. Again, find what works for you.

  6. It has everything todo with geometry. I fit a men's frame better because I'm long torso'd. What fits is what you ride.

  7. A good shop will fit you to the right frame, no matter if its men's or women's

  8. I am of the general opinion that thet always make mens things better quality.

  9. Why are men even responding to this? How would they possibly know?
    I've ridden men's bikes for the last 25 years. After a being in a car crash on a bicycle that fractured to cervical vertebrae and skull fracture I've lived with neck pain for 25+ years. I've endured tremendous neck and shoulder pain but have continued to ride. On my 50th bday 2 years ago I treated myself to a new road bike. My LBS saleswoman recommended a women's specific frame after telling her about my neck pain which i thought I would always have. She recommended a Specialized Lexa SLX. A women's specific frame. I'm not short. At 5'7 I'm on the tall side for a women. I rode 1300 miles that summer with no neck pain. I was so happy I cried knowing that I could do what I loved without that pain. I have neck pain most other times but not when I cycle. It's been a gift. I can't thank her enough!!!. Actually for a while I would periodically go into the store and thank her.
    Just go and find what works for you. For someone to outright deny there's any difference is ridiculous.

  10. I'm a tall girl at 6ft and have always had a mans bike because of it. I wouldn't know if there was any difference riding a female specific bike, surely it just depends on your body size length etc, unless getting a step through or a girly type bike. I also have a mans saddle on one of my bikes, it took me years of riding with a padded seat cover till I found some that were comfy. Is there any other differences in say a road bike between a mans or a woman's?

  11. One word ( dress's ) that's the only reason…

  12. Canyon's range of bikes for women have a far nicer colour scheme than the men's.

  13. Who is this nasty person Iris Reyes

  14. I'm sorry to see a troll on this group, Anthony. Best bet is report her to Admin. Don't respond. She is working hard to create a division where none exists.

  15. Thanks Richard Roussy your right she jumped all over me then blocked me lol

  16. Fit. If you notice no difference… the Ride on!!

  17. I could never tell a difference in road bikes either

  18. The saddle seems to be the most significant difference unless you are particularly shorter statured. The guy at my LBS said studies are finding men and women's bodies are not all that different, in that the idea of women having shorter torsos and longer legs is not entirely accurate. In fact they are finding men and women come in varying sizes and shapes(duh). So pick what fits you best. I'm 5'9" (shoeless) with long legs, torso and arms. I tend to fit a "man's" bike better. Just be sure to opt for the gender specific seat. We're definitely different there

  19. Sorry, Not Sorry, Iris. It's a free country, you asked for advice so I'm a tad lost as to why it matters who answers?
    First off, I'm certain there are a few men here who work in the bike industry and know enough about proper fit and dimensions that they could offer help.
    Second, I'm also certain there are some men who for one reason or another are more comfortable on a woman's bike which therefore would make them able to offer help and insight.

    For the record I'm 5'5 and have issues finding proper fits. I actually own womens footwear and apparel because I prefer the fit and look. Let's try to open our minds before we judge those around us, Especially someone who takes their time to attempt to help you. You wouldn't be biased against someone on the trail or road who offered you a pump, tube or help – We all know it would be foolish.

  20. Lol my answer was to a side text that I answered in the post as to design and looking way back to the older ways of thinking and what people wore as in this case a dress, and I get this person trying to check me why I have no clue… Then I get turned on again about my spelling I'm 290 and over six foot tall and have big hands and im not really into having to explain myself just because someone feels a need to be rude… Dress dress's who cares lol…

  21. Typeing on a little cellphone is horrible haha

  22. Dress clothing as in suits or dresses. Look at the Dutch bikes

  23. And the Dutch, as a nation of cyclists, would certainly know! ­čÖé

  24. I don't think there is a big difference bt bikes. I say whatever is most comfortable for you

  25. I think if your 5 feet 4 or under. Man or woman the length of the frame may be a problem to some. Then smaller people might want shorter cranks narrower bars and maybe short reach brake levers. Taller riders will more choice.

  26. Yes, a women bicycle is far better for a woman.. that's why they maple them..

  27. Depends on your size. Some men are smaller.

  28. Woman specific bikes are more of a gimic than anything. Yes they do have different geometry. However, there is no off the shelf bike that is going to fit everyone perfectly. And the geometry differences can be overcome easily by changing stem length. Plus what the guys comment under mine said.

  29. you fit the frame first ..always then fine tune with stem..

  30. Women's bikes are usually designed for riders who don't like the dimensions or who aren't strong enough to handle geometry or larger gears commonly associated with men's bike. However, as a woman becomes fit, the women's bike just becomes another tool for the beginner.

  31. wow don't think all the Pro women riders you ride women's bicycle are going to like that in true statement..buy hey …

  32. Well your comment about them being better for women is far from true. Maybe a PRO. would be worth it but a normal price range women's bike is mostly a way to increase sales. Which is why in many markets no one bothers with stocking 'cause we won't buy them.

  33. again "are you in the industry??"" wsd bicycles sales are one of the few increase in bike sales…Also again you have it backwards the correct Women design bicycle benefit the "started " cycles even more due to their lack of correct cycling ..strike two hahhaa

  34. Personally, I have yet to find a "women" specific bike that feels comfy for me. LIV didn't even have a size on their chart for women my height. We're not all short & dainty.

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