What app does everyone use to track your rides?


Question: What app does everyone use to track your rides?
I use Runtastic Mountain bike but the voice coach only works for the first 2 miles…any ideas for a better app?

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  1. IpBike. Doesn't do maps, just stats,,like pedaling times, coasting tim s, speeds, etc,,,

  2. Strava is good for tracking miles. Runtastic is brutal on battery life.

  3. Strava is the best, specially if you have a newer Garmin model, your family can track you live!

  4. I am using a Brighton 530 cycling computer which links directly up to Strava as soon as you hit Wi-Fi. I have the bryton on both my bikes

  5. This is the one that I have. It's got the longest battery life of any cycling computer with GPS. 33 hours of constant running time. I charge mine about once a monthapp

  6. Thanks guys!

  7. I love my strava premium

  8. I've tried them all and Cyclemeter is by far and away the best. Of course, you'll need a smart phone with the app installed. This can be stem or handlebar mounted, or you can leave it in your pocket, in which case you'll need a more conventional odometer to give you speed and cadence, etc. I love Cyclemeter because it records everything (including weather), and provides a detailed map. I use a Garmin Edge 510 on an extended mount, plus the phone mounted on the stem, screen left off most of the time, ready to be easily turned in when I want to see its info. If you're into sharing your rides, then you'd probably be happier with Strava, tho for this feature there's a monthly charge.

  9. I use map my ride, it's a great app

  10. I used to have a Runtastic subscription. Then they had an update and if you look at your map after your ride it shows you going through buildings over Lakes cross rivers. Have used MapMyRide which is a great app and takes very little battery from your cell phone. But that one two cuts Corners which I found out actually Cuts your mileage on your ride. So I went to a cycling computer that links with my phone. That way my phones free if I need it

  11. If it is not on Strava it never happened…….

  12. Strava!!!

  13. Just don't turn into a (stravasshole.) Kinda funny video on YouTube.

  14. I don't use any apps or electronics. I measure my rides in experiences and fun.

  15. Samsung S Health.. On my galaxy s8.. I don't believe in paying for a separate GPS device..

  16. I track with mapmyride (excellent voice progress/tracking feature which breaks the monotony of doing long miles solo, and it doesn't lose parts of the ride like strava does at times). I save my ride as a TCX then upload to Strava later because all of the cool kids are on Strava. RidewithGPS is excellent for planning rides- lay it out, save it as GPX, upload it to your device and follow the purple line. Technology AND fun/experiences at the same time- who knew ha!

  17. Strava is good

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