Well I had a front tire blow out on my spyder tonight!


Well I had a front tire blow out on my spyder tonight!!!! On highway 40/61 about to get on highway 70 going towards STL and there is a giant pothole!!! Wentzville police Lake St. Louis police and Missouri highway patrol would not do anything! And we were told if you get a police report the highway department should reimburse for the tire. Has anyone else had this experience? And also looking for recommendations for cheap place to purchase tires?

Well I had a front tire blow out on my spyder tonight!

Well I had a front tire blow out on my spyder tonight!

Well I had a front tire blow out on my spyder tonight!

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  1. I have NEVER heard of being reimbursed for tire damage from potholes. I think someone is pulling your leg!

  2. I’ve lost two tyres on council roads in the Hawkesbury, costing me over $!000 – cheap bastards at Council claim they’re exempt from responsibility under the Local Government Act. Couldn’t be because they let fully loaded semis on residential roads, could it. Pricks.

  3. Have you considered using a car tire? Stronger load rating 4 ply vs 2?ply and find them more concentric and balance is easier to achieve.

  4. Just bought 2 tires for the front at Wal-Mart about 90 bucks.

  5. It the pothole has been reported before you hit it you can file a claim. You will need to have photos of the pothole and the location.

  6. The problem (at least around here) is finding a dealer who will mount them (car tires on a Spyder).

  7. Front tires can be mounted by anyone.

  8. If you just bring the wheels in they usually don’t notice the motorcycle part

  9. I have had many experiences with blown out tires due to potholes. Not one has and paid for. Every claim was declined! Go for it anyway

  10. We were in Wentzville just last weekend looking at a camper but it was a huge piece of poo poo…. Lost that 7 hours of my life on the road.

  11. Walmart has tyres for Spyders

  12. Geez! Glad you are ok.

  13. if the state or City are aware of the pothole and did not fix it within a certain period of time then they are liable to fix your vehicle if it gets damaged. In the City of Davenport Iowa

  14. Make sure the rim isn’t damaged.

  15. I found by giving enough distance to the vehicle in front of you and continually eyeing the road while you drive you avoid most of those potholes.

  16. Federal. (EVO 565) 165/55R/15

  17. It did great when I hit it and I heard the tire pop I slow down immediately and tried to pull to the right a little bit but I was able to get right off the highway on the shoulder

  18. We have Hannkook Ventus V4ES on the ST and they are awesome.

  19. i avoid potholes due to ground clearance

  20. We all try to avoid potholes, but sometimes the bastards get you, anyway!

  21. Switched to Federals recently. Great ride improvement. About $85.00 a tire.

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