Want to up-size my tires a bit | 2016 Outlander 450L


Want to up-size my tires a bit

I know a 26″ tall tire will fit, but would like to go 1 size wider front and rear.

Looking to go to a 26X9-12 front & 26X11-12 Rear.

Anyone actually running these sizes? (2016 Outlander 450L)

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  1. Thats the size I’m running with no issues. No rubbing at all.

  2. I went with 27x9x12 and 27x11x12 on my 450

  3. 27x12x12 on the rear. No rub

  4. That’s the size you want to run. Seems great on my 570 and those 450 work great. You would have no issues

  5. I put 27s on no problem

  6. Running 29.5 Ol’s

  7. I have a question for you guys on stock wheels has anybody run 28x12x12 on front and back bought tires and that’s what size they was

  8. 26×10 front 26×12 rear

  9. I sure am traction grippers

  10. 27/10/12 & 27/12/12

  11. My next size I’m going 28, 9 in the front nine in the back

  12. Thanks for all the info guys! Much appreciated.

  13. I run 28x9x12 in front and 28x11x12 in rear on stock rims

  14. 28-9.5-14 all around. Just minor trimming.

  15. 26"x9 front and 26"x12 rear

  16. Those are the sizes I’m running on my 450. Rides WAY nicer

  17. Yes 26-9 front 26-11 back works great ( 2015 outlander 500 )

  18. Upsized to 27’s

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