VN2000 Dark Side


Are there any vn2000 Dark Side Riders if so looking for information what size tires what kind of tire how you balance it, with beads or on the rim looking for as much information as I can thank you.

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  1. Running a Goodyear TripleTred 205/60/16

  2. Im on my 3rd General Altimax HP no longer made so that wont help much. The size is 205/60/16 and I have used beads in the past to balance it but this time I had them use weights at the shop

  3. Goodyear eagle 225-50-16

  4. Don’t use beads, they don’t work well. Use weights and the biggest I would go is a 215/60/16. You can go wider but your asking for rubbing. Look for a tire that has a curved edge. Any high performance sports tire will work. You will get 6 times the life out of a car tire as you will a motorcycle tire on this beast. Make sure you find a shop willing to mount it, most will not because of insurance but rest assured Harley riders have been using car tires for years and years. Go to YouTube and do a search for v2k darkside. There’s a great GoPro video of a guy running a car tire .

  5. Goodyear Tripple Tread 205-60-16

  6. I have a l list of tires for the darkside on many different bikes. If you want one let me know and I will send you one (PM me)

  7. First was a Goodyear triple tread now i have the Yokohama envigor 35k on the Goodyear. And dynabeads work great 205 60 16

  8. Thanks to everybody who gave me in put. It helped a lot thanks again.

  9. This is why I wanted to join this site! Finally found a shop in SoCo willing to mount and balance for me, now I just need to get the tire. Thanks!

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