Vikingbag on F3-F3s


Has anyone installed the Vikingbag on the F3-F3s if so I really need some info on installation.

Vikingbag on F3-F3s

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  1. I’m curious on these as well! Thinking about ordering these for mine.

  2. These are my bags and my video. The model number is correct, they are several years old so they may have changed their model number. The key to fitment is the ez-bracket that is made specifically for the F3.

  3. Only took an hour to install you have to drill four holes in the bags. And mount it on the back bars. Mount one side to your liking I used a level come out the other side.

  4. how to fix it

  5. you are work on it right

  6. how to fix it

  7. Scott McBride has I believe

  8. I installed mine using the Easy Bracket. The only difficult time I had was tightening the screws that go into the bag. Mine were really, really tough to tighten. Definitely had to use a ratchet. Installing the bracket was very easy.

  9. I have the easy bracket too, best way to install the bags. There are two similar brackets, the one that’s a few dollars more is the right bracket. Any questions, pm me and I’ll give you my cell.

  10. I chatted with a rep…. they weren’t too interested in helping me! We don’t make these for spyders… I said I heard but there is a work around…they were none too helpful! I will go with another

  11. I purchased a pair NEILSON RIGG soft throw over bags , can be installed easily and removed in less than 2 mins. Only I had to mount Harley Davidson Sportster saddle bag brackets $60 Cdn to keep them spread and even. No major adapting and all done for $ 220 Cdn..

  12. Stayed here too long, just ordered bags and brackets. Will be back to see how to install them. Thanks to all.

  13. Will they work on a ryker600.

  14. You have to see if EZ Bracket makes a mount, otherwise the bags come with a universal mount, just don’t know much about the Ryker

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