Vance and Hines Fuel Pack 3


Anyone running the Vance and Hines fuel pack 3?

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  1. Yes!! Its pretty good. Not as good as a real dyno or thundermax

  2. I am and a buddy of mine too. Mike Manetta. I haven’t really meesed to much but it did get rid of the backfire thru mufflers

  3. Yes. I am.

  4. Yeah. Came with the bike. Working well so far for basic mods. Unsure how it will handle when the motor is opened

  5. Dynojet Powervision

  6. Don’t…

  7. Have one on my FxdlS , auto tuned to all green . Runs cooler gets better mileage . Won’t help with internal mods . Set idle , revlimiter , decel pop and throttle by wire to 1:1 or race . Killer piece for minor mods ; exhaust / air cleaner . Have a SE race tuner for some up coming mods . FP3 is an efficiency tuner , my opinion.

  8. V/h and bassani on 17 lowrider s. Made it come alive.

  9. Great info guys! Thank you. Guy I bought from said he had it tuned for pipes and air, but I want to change the breather. Looks stock and I want the screaming eagle

  10. Was it used? They marry to individual bikes…

  11. I have a tag along question then for the guys recommending NOT going with an FP3. If I want to just add and intake and an exhaust…and am not too worried about uber-maximizing everything, is the FP3 a tolerable solution? Will I get better performance with one? The DynoJet PowerVision is quite a bit more expensive, and I don’t know how much I would be in there changing the “little” nuances…

    • I think it’s just a cool guy thing to shit on the FP3. Yes. Others are better. I would have liked to get a thundermax, but $300 vs$8-900? I don’t know of other tuners for the FP3 price that offer similar performance.

    • I think the ease of use is there as well. It can’t be underestimated

    • With the Powervision, you can see what’s going on in real time, touchscreen gauges, that you can program to change colors as it reaches limits that you set. Example. You can set the engine temperature to turn red at 260 degrees, or your battery voltage to turn green at 12 volts, and red at 11.2 volts. It also reads codes in real time, and in plain English. No need for Bluetooth, because it’s self contained. Just the perfect little piece of equipment that does everything you want. Research the Powervision. It’s far more than a tuner for $150 more. If you buy it from Fuelmoto, they will send you dyno proven maps, for any modifications you make to your engine for life, with excellent customer service.

    • I actually used an FP when they first came out. Preordered in fact. First it had issues connecting to the phone. Then once I actually got a tune on my bike it started fucking things up. The bike ran like shit. I tried three different times all with customer service on the phone over the span of a week. It would also get random errors like my kickstand being down (European thing, not in the US) or my O2 sensors randomly erroring out. At one point on a test ride I even had the rear cylinder shut down on me. That was it. Returned the thing to where I bought it and got a powervision. Never had an issue again. It was pure garbage. Even if they have worked out the glitches and bugs it left a sour taste behind and I will never advocate the product. I also know people that have actually had it fry ECM’s. All of us more than capable mechs on our bikes. I can’t in good conscience tell anyone to get one because of what I’ve seen personally. Not a cool guy thing to hate on it. It’s a cheap garbage tuner. But hey your bike, your money, your risk. Do what you want.

  12. Just thought I’d mention this since it’s a lesser known one. I went with the Fuel moto tuner it runs the same maps as a power commander just not name brand and they will tune it for you when you buy it and then again anytime you change something. All for $200. Hell of a deal. I get it in the mail this week I’ll try and remember to post how it is. Fuel moto is an HDForums sponsor so there’s pry a better review on there.

  13. Race tuner streaming eagle

  14. UPDATE: I installed the Fuel moto micro tonight in about 2hrs, (super easy instal) and that was takin it slow and reorganizing the mess under the seat. From what I have noticed there is definitely a throttle response increase and she runs a hell of a lot cooler! I never had any issues with popping when decel or anything with stage 1 which leads me to believe the previous owner had HD remap it. The biggest plus for me was the price at $212 shipped to my door. And they offer a lifetime of remapping for any new mods. And the hardware runs dynajet maps so it’s comp to the PCV with pry differences on the adjustment side (0 experience in that area at the moment) also the lower operating temps and throttle response. I could definitely get the front wheel off the ground now. Whatever you choose have fun!

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