V-Strom DL650 OEM Exhaust Modification


OEM exhaust modification (pea shooter cut)… yes or no? pros and cons? thanks! … (on a 2016 vstrom 650)

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  1. I just did it. Took 5 minutes and it now actually sounds like a motorcycle!!!

  2. Half way cut or all the way?

  3. Buy a slip on, shine up your stock pipe and put it in a dry place. You will need it again soon.

  4. I just changed mine. Will clean her up and out in closet.

  5. I had it cut for a while on exact the same model. Ended up with two brothers racing.

  6. Fitting the other day at power flow empangeni.

  7. OEM is free and the sound is well worth it, imo. Bike does not gain much from a full aftermarket exhaust system imo.

  8. Cut the pea shooter!! You will not regret it!!!

  9. I did it except I hogged out the whole back of the muffler, not just drill out around the pea tube.

  10. Cut mine out on an 04 a long time ago. Made the bike sound much better without being annoying to others.

    • Does this modification affect economy ie litres/100kms. I currently get at least 4 l/100kms if I keep to the speed limit. On a good day I can achieve 3.3 L/100km.

    • I’m not on metric here but I saw no change in MPG when I did it.

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments, is all done and it does sound better…

  12. Earbuds… classic rock. Problem solved.

    • And for that a stock pipe is best. Yep, I would sign up for that. If you need some noise ride behind a Harley for an hour or two and you certainly will be cured or asphyxiated.

  13. Mine (used) 06 came cut already. I don’t even know what stock sounds like. I like the way mine sounds…but then, I’m used to Samson’s on a Harley too! ?

  14. I don’t know what the pea shooter cut is, but the guy I bought my ’09 Wee from drilled out the exhaust. It now has a nice throaty sound, if you like that sort of thing. I’d gladly trade to get the non-drilled stock muffler. The quieter, the better for me.

    • That should be the peashooter bypass/delete. I used a large drill bit around where the stock exhaust comes out knocked the spots out with a chisel then cleaned it up with a dremel.

    • I’m just not informed enough on the lingo to know what peashooter bypass/delete means. Or what “spots” means in “knocked the spots out”. No worries. But if anyone has a stock muffler for an ’09, let me know.

    • I have a 2015 . How do you cut it ?

    • Dan Wilson the new exhausts doesn’t have the last piece of tube. You must remove some of the baffles inside

  15. I cut 1 inch off my pea shooter, made the bike slightly louder but not obnoxious, a bit like a dirt bike, and some times it pops on the over run. I don’t think I’ll change it, it sounds great right now.

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