V-Strom DL650 Blue Exhaust Pipe


Guys, I have a question. Is that normal to have an exhaust pipe like this?

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  1. Yep…I believe it’s from the heat.

  2. Yeah, I am thinking about reachness of gas. isn’t it too lean?

  3. Looks normal to me.

  4. Thanks guys! maybe I’m overreacting…

  5. Been riding Stroms for 15 years and never had a blue pipe. Mine were ALL stock. See you have an after market pipe and am guessing you have other then the stock air filter and did not re-program the ECU. Have you checked the spark plugs? Thinking you might be running a lean mixture resulting in higher cylinder head, EGT and blue pipes. Have you noticed any pre ignition or detonation, another symptom of a lean condition?

    • Thank you James! I was thinking of lean mixture. I did not touch ECU, and air filter is stock one. I haven’t checked spark plugs yet, but during next maintenance I definitely will. Haven’t noticed any signs of detonation.

    • Depending on how lean it may be running there’s always a possibility of burning a hole in a piston.. I would be lookn into a new fuel program pronto.

    • Is that possible on 5.5k miles bike?

    • Doesn’t matter how many miles.. if it’s lean it’s lean.. lean-HOT..

    • Yes, I understand. Thanks Tom!
      Tbr is a single wall pipe. I hope that’s what causing discoloration (keeping my fingers crossed).

    • The whole fuel/ignition process is a system. The system is engineered to the lean side for emissions control. Changing, failure or degradation of any component in the system, outside of design criteria, affects the whole system. Electronic ignition, fuel injection and ECUs make emissions control and performance more finite then could ever be expected with a carbureted engine. If you have a service manual I recommend checking it.

    • Thank you James!

  6. It’s an indicator that you need to top up the exhaust fluid.

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