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Dumb question but here goes.

I am interested in selling my bike but not sure I just want to hand the keys to anyone for a “test ride” – suggestions on how you all have dealt with that in the past?

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  1. Have them give you a portion of the cash or have them give you the keys to their car etc until they get back

  2. Full asking price in cash before they ride. No exceptions. Sometimes I even give them the title too. Come back or don’t. Really don’t care at that point. Price can be negotiated after their ride, but you know they can afford it.

  3. Have them look at it, agree on a price, have the full asking price in cash handed over to you for the test ride and make sure they know if they drop it they just bought it.

  4. What Dan said…

  5. Cash and their car keys and drivers license number

  6. I never let anyone ride before they buy. They can start it and listen to it on the spot that’s all. Never had a issue selling my bikes.

  7. No test rides

  8. Yeah, no test rides, a lot of dealerships don’t let people test ride bikes, so I’m not either. Don’t like it? Go buy something else lol

  9. No rides here. Even as a buyer I have never asked. I only got offered once and that was because it was a guy on my brothers street.

  10. Thanks everyone. I will go with the no test ride policy. Safe riding.

  11. While I can see why you wouldn’t want someone to test ride, at the same time I wouldn’t consider a USED bike someone wouldnt let me test ride, so that may have an impact on selling it.

  12. What you do is ask to see a drivers lic and copy the info. THEN you tell them you have to hold the cash…and THEN they can test ride it. If they don’t come back..or crash…who cares? You got the money.

  13. If they want to see it run you ride it next to them

  14. Yeah but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is good on the bike. I had a buddy of mine buy a bike. The seller wouldn’t let him test ride it but visually it looked good and ran good. When he got it registered immediately you could tell the rear shock was blown. Bike vibrated badly, he replaced the rear shock which got rid of the rear wheel bouncing all over the place but the bike still vibrated bad. The head was cracked at the engine mount (not leaking). Yeah that sucked for him, felt bad he had to spend a shit ton of money to get the bike good again and paid kbb value for the bike.

  15. Ultimately its the sellers decision and the buyers discretion. It can make you nervous, I sold my 600rr to a chick that was moving up from a 250 she could barely touch the ground and was twitchy on the throttle. I thought she was gonna loop it when she rode it but I let her know a head of time that if you break it you buy it.

  16. If you buy something that is not what they say it is you take them to court. Take the bike to a trusted shop at their expense and have it checked out if they want. If they crash the bike your the owner and responsible finically.

  17. While you’re probably correct on that, getting a lawyer and all that is a headache. It really comes down to whether or not you want to let them test ride. Like I said I personally will not buy a used bike without a test ride buy if someone said no, I wouldn’t be mad. It is their bike after all.

  18. If your child drives a car that is titled in your name crashes it and kills someone and she gets sued you also get sued as the owner. I know this because I’ve seen it. Now would you let someone you don’t know, not sure can even ride a bike go for a ride. The buyer can take it too a trusted shop have them check it out it’s as simple as that.

  19. Fair point. Aside from one time the seller told me to take a bike on the street for a test ride. Whether buying or selling its always been large empty parking lots.

  20. No test rides without cash in my hands

  21. Trade it in to dealer for fz09. Problem solved.

  22. Cash, and license in my hands. You crash it, it’s yours.

  23. tell them they can watch you ride it :p

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