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  1. Whats your plans for the front tank filler… ??

  2. I want to see a Foam Uni-Filter used in one of these builds.

  3. I’m after one of these if any ones selling one or i’ll keep saving up the money till I can afford one !!

  4. the best solution available!

  5. I’ve got a Rade Garage aux tank too, like it a lot! Have an foam sock over the KN filter for extra protection..

  6. Let’s not forget that developing a product for the 701 is ultimately a very limited market. It’s not like an accessory for a Kawasaki KLR where maybe you could sell thousands. Not a lot of profit when you may only sell a limited amount. Thanks, Rade Garage!

  7. My next paycheck I’ll be buying one of these. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time and for what I do it’s the best solution

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