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I’d like to upgrade my rear shocks on a 2012 Ultra Limited. I grew up riding dirt bikes and quads, and have been riding a BMW 1200GS for the past 10 years (don’t hate me). The OEM shocks on the Ultra limited are a hard ride and they bottom out easy on bumps. I know I won’t be able to put dirt bike shocks on the Harley but there has to be something better than stock. I’m confused about progressive shocks and don’t know squat about air suspension. I’m looking for helpful comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you checked your air pressure on your current shocks?

  2. I did. It’s set correctly for my weight as a single rider.

  3. I dont like mine either . this winter im upgrading to air ride. I found a decent set on ebay for less than $400

  4. Traxxion Dynamics set my 2010 Ultra up with Bitubo coil overs in the rear and gas cartridge up front both set up for my weight and riding style. Rides really smooth and handles like a sport bike.

  5. I ditched the stock rear air shocks on my 11 ultra for Ohlins and put progressive mono tubes and rebuilt the front end . The bike rides like a Beemer . I tried the progressive I really did not care for the ride . Went with the ohlins and man what a difference.

  6. I’ve been running progressive 944’s on two bikes so far. They are wonderful

  7. I changed to Progressive and never had an issue with them

  8. I changed to heavier oil in my air shocks and it rarely bottoms out now.

  9. Once you ride with coil overs setup for your weight it’s hard to go back to air. Ride is smoother

  10. check out terrycable shocks

  11. I have a ’13 ultra, two up on a trip I have to run close to 45 or so. Makes a big difference if low. They will also leak down, so you need to keep an eye on it.

  12. Check the PSI like someone has already stated two and loaded 45psi works for me. I check mine monthly the Harley pump is not cheap but works really well.

  13. Thanks for all the comments folks. I really appreciate it. I’m doing my home work now and have a lot of reading to do.

  14. I used the Progressive 944 on the rear and their monotube kit on the front.. also installed the truetrack system front and rear and my 1000 lb CVO Limited handles like a dream

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