Upgrade R1s with a quick shifter from an R1?


Question for all 2015+ owners, I have an R1s, and from what I understand the easiest way to install a quick shifter is to buy one from a salvaged 2015+ plus then plug and play. No ECU flash no extra work. Is this true? Anyone upgrade their R1s with a quick shifter from an R1?

Upgrade R1s with a quick shifter from an R1?

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  1. I’ve got one for a translogic system

  2. Mucho better than the stock one

  3. And it’s got auto blip too, upshifts without the clutch as well

  4. Randy Smith quanto? Haha doesn’t the stock one upshift clutchless and auto blip?

  5. No only auto up.

  6. "Blip" means clutchless downshift. Quick shift is an upshift.

  7. Hm and plenty other brand do plug and play units as well, I put the HM Plus SS on mine and don’t need an ecu flash to use it, just connect it all and good to go.

  8. Get after market.

  9. Blip and shift are two completely different things

  10. You can buy a factory Yamaha quickshifter new for less than $200.

  11. This one shows the new part number.

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