Upgrade for 2016 CFMOTO Z800?


What’s a good shock upgrade for 2016 z800?
Please N thanks



Mike Stuart
Just thinking out loud, the heat comes from oil being forced through a small apeture and compounding on itself at a rate faster than the heat generated can be dissipated. The fade will be from the oil becoming so hot it thins out to the point the same apeture now resists the oils flow much less.
It might be the case that a different brand of shock wouldn’t make much difference if they are set to the same damping resistance, have similar spring rate, and acting on the same load.

Settings in adjustable shocks can make a big difference. If you have the compression damping set high to help the springs it will make oil hotter faster. Less compression damping and more spring preload or less compression damping and stronger springs would be of help.
When your oil gets so hot and thin it acts like alcohol then your rebound damping goes all to hell too, even though it’s completely innocent of creating that heat.

Not to be an ass with this question but is your machine carrying more total load than your buddies? More work means more heat.

You could try turning your compression damping down and your spring preload up, but you might just need stronger springs whatever shock they are on.

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    I’d like to know too. As soon as I put a couple of “K” together I’m talking with Elka myself but sure would go for something cheaper if they were nearly as good.


    I put ELKA stage 5s on my 16. They were def better. But $2500 better? I won’t do it on my Z1. Have the Fox QS3s on my sled and love them. Prob don’t make them for the z tho


    So, I think that the shocks are actually unbranded Elkas. You don’t need to pay 2500 for replacements. The shocks are pretty good but they could use a bit different valving. What are you trying to get out of it that it is not currently doing?


    Think of it like putting lipstick on a pig. Lol. Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you if you are wasting money.


    Not trying to be that guy or start an argument but. The Factory shocks that come on the CF Moto’s sold in the United States are not ELKA in any way. At best they are good Chinese copy. I am an ELKA dealer as well as a CF MOTO dealer. At least as of late 2016 they had nothing to do with cf moto other than supplying them with shocks in Canada. Wish they were. I agree though the stock shocks need some changes to work to there potential. Haven’t hat the opportunity to take them apart and mess with them yet. Just got our z1 and will definitely be messing with them in the spring. Just my $.02


    PS. Been wrong before. Probably will be again.


    My shocks fade on rough rocky trails \nThe shock reservoir will get so hot you can’t touch for more then couple seconds\nRide with people with all other brands mine are always much hotter and definitely effects ride n handling

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