Tubeless tires or with tubes?


Those traveled or are traveling around the world:Tubeless tires or with tubes? Why?
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  1. Please reply only if you do long distant traveling. THANKS GUYS!!!

  2. I did a 10,584 mile trip on a single set of Mitas E07 tires on a heavily loaded BMW GSA, tubeless tires.\n\nI would only use tubeless as easier to plug. \n\nStill carry one tube to put in either front or rear tire if the tire could not be plugged.

  3. Its not the distance people cover, its the distance between places to fix.\n\nRiding a bike long distance is just a to b many many times. Just do what your bike normally has and find ways to figure that out.

  4. I did a tubeless conversion on my CB I rode from Deadhorse, AK to Yaviza, Panama and back. Am going to do tubless on my bike I am building now as well. Really simple repairs and piece of mind with a tube for back up.

  5. Tubed with proper patches including large, ripping a side wall on tubed tyres at least you can cover the rip internally with a large patch or two and reinstall tube. Don’t think it will work quiet as well on a tubeless. Amazing how many k’s you can get when help is still 4-500 k away.

  6. Get tubeless because punctures are easier to fix. A set of tubes can’t hurt either. If you slash your tire just put the tubes in and they’ll get you to the nearest tire shop.

  7. Tubeless. 5 plugs can fix a 5cm gash. Tubes are a hatefull thing! Very bad terrain can also hide a puncture for to long then you rip the valve off. The only reason not to get tubeless is for excessive and prolonged thick sand riding and you are concerned with breaking the bead riding at less than 1 bar

  8. Tubeless for sure. have done loads of 10.000km+ trips

  9. Tubeless but carry tubes for an emergency.

  10. Many trips with both tube and tubeless, always carry repair kits, no problems.

  11. What about a tyre fracture at speed being tubeless. Less likely to blow and lose total control of tubed? Safety first??

  12. I use tubed tyre because I can lower the pressure when needed. I used a set of Heidenau K60 for going arround Iran 12000km then going to St Petersburg, another 8000km The tyreis still usable

  13. I had a RTW rider through my place a few years ago who had had a catastrophic tube failure. New bike/tire/tube, complete ‘lateral’ separation! So failures happen tubed or tubeless.

  14. depends on the style of riding.. normally i would suggest a good tubeless system 🙂 \nI had issues with both though, when riding off road, nothing is immune. the tire takes a massive beating on all surfaces. So I think we need to remember how we care for our bikes and maintain them accordingly.

  15. Have had about 10 travelers drop by (Japan), most were using tubes. One on tubeless. Depends on bike and budget. Tubeless with repair kit and a tube, just about covers all bases IMHO.

  16. Spelled Tubliss in case someone wants to Google it . I have them , love them .

  17. Perhaps choosing one over the other isn’t the question. More to the point would be which system would you be prepared to repair?

  18. Simple really. Fix a tube puncture in the bush! You’ll soon figure out why tubeless rims and tyres are the go 😉

  19. Tubes… You’ll get away with stuff like this! With tubeless tires, I wouldn’t have made it home.

  20. Watch where you’re going and slow down a bit (y)

  21. Tubeless. No question

  22. Go tubeless but take a tube or two for emergencies.

  23. I personally use tubeless on the road (1200S) and tubed for off-road (800GS).\n\nWith the 800GS I couldn’t take it below 18 PSI due to the weight off the bike (fully loaded, with rider, half a metric ton). It (the tube) recently exploded while in full lean with a soul on board. Horrible experience but luckily it was in a corner with plenty of dirt (few feet before the metaphorical cliff) and no cager got in the way. That was the 21\

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