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I am learning and researching. What type of TT or 5th wheels (size) do most have that predominately boon dock?

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  1. I thought there are some quite generators like the honda??

  2. We plan to FT. National parks for sight seeing and boon docking for peace, quite and tranquility.

  3. Just admit your no boondocker and never will be. Gold chainers we call you guy's

  4. Laura, here is a good resource for finding free sites, many have info about the size vehicle that will be accommodated. Hopefully that will help you make your decision.

  5. I really don't want to be limited.

  6. Wow, just wow!

  7. Get over it

  8. Thanks Diane. And thanks Shaggy for all the negativity. It's all good.

  9. You will end up be limited one way or another. You just need to choose for yourself what your priorities are.

  10. A lot of the older Nat'l Forests are also not set up for bigger rigs.

  11. And I guess choose your own meaning for words too

  12. Good info Diane. I am sure we will learn so much on our journey. I am excited!

  13. i'm sorry but i am with shaggy on this one. a generator is annoying with the noise. it disrupts the reason i go out to the forest. and it does affect my breathing

  14. You seem to be the one that is trying to limit the meaning of boondocking. Isn't it a shame that you have to live in the world with other people and their own peculiar needs and wants!

  15. People with Generators have ruined many a weekend for me. P.s. at nite I drain out their gas and take the sparkplug they always leave the next day lol

  16. Lou I appreciate your opinion and the way you placed it. I might end up feeling the same. The generator might be something that just is a "security blanket" type thing for me. Our first option is solar and treating the earth right. And I have lived a over the US and a few countries and always take into consideration my neighbors. 😉

  17. Wow, so when we hear about a guy getting shot in a nat'l forest, we should check to see if you are in good health Shaggy?

  18. Well Shaggy I am surprised you haven't been popped in the ass. rofl

  19. So you think that polluting the Nat'l forest and vandalizing people's property is your place.

  20. generators, noisy drinking parties, and such do disrupt the night. a generator should only be run really long enough to charge up the battery. and no i don;t vandalize anyone's rig for any reason. but a generator in and of itself does pollute the forest. i go out to the unspoiled forest to enjoy nature. i try to be as green as i can.

  21. what is the saying, if you do not like the neighbors, you can always roll?

  22. National forest? Polluting? I save the gas . I even leave the spark plug where they can find it

  23. When I do this they do roll out the next day

  24. Aren't you so proud of your authoritarian self?

  25. ok Diane, i have tried to be as polite and understanding as i can. i don't have a fancy rig or a husband to take care of it. i actually do things other than sit inside on computer. i don't even own a tv. and why go out to the forest if you are going to continue the same lifestyle as in a rv park or the city??? personally, i would just wait you out. or make lots of noise first thing in the morning. make pointed comments at dark about trying to sleep. i am generally considerate of others but i do know you can't get your rig in my favorite spot. i barely got a 30' Midas gashog of a motor home in there. and that took two people to push branches out of the way. so you are not likely to be a bother to me. pity, i know a lot about living comfortably in the forest with my trailer.

  26. And I have not been the one attacking your choices, Lou.

  27. i haven't attacked yours. as i said, the places i go, you wont get your rig in so it's a non issue. i also don't believe in damaging other's property. i think we just have very different lifestyles

  28. No, Shaggy has, and if you cannot recognize that most of my comments have been directed at him, I do not know what to tell you.

  29. Yes, we do. And sometimes we even have to share space with people that are annoying, no matter what size rig.

  30. Funny, how on this whole thread, not a single question was asked, but so many assumptions were made.

  31. then argue with him in private message rather than have the rest of us have to deal with it. shaggy and you have different lifestyles. i agree with him about the generator but i disagree with him about damaging someones rig

  32. Um, no, if he is going to attack me on the board, he is going to be responded to ON THE BOARD.

  33. Diane, i thought you were an adult not a teenager. my mistake. peace out people. i have other things to do

  34. I do not need, nor do I seek your permission, or your validation for how I choose to live my life. Nor do I think that you need mine. But if you choose to attack for the same, it will be answered.

  35. this adult has things to do. best of luck to all, peace out

  36. Oh yes, Lou dresses me down for defending myself, but I am the teenager.

  37. no i am dressing you down basically for having a two years olds fight in public.

  38. and if you think i didn't say something to him too…..assume all you want. now, some of us actually have to get stuff done. what are you going to do…bust a cap lock on me??? pffffttt children. the old "did not , did to, arguement with the "he started it first excuse" been there seen that, bye

  39. OIC, so you gave him the courtesy of addressing him in private, while I get a public dressing down.

  40. can we say time out for you? watch me

  41. I walk away for 5 minutes….

  42. LOL, no worries, Gary, Lou blocked me.

  43. OH well…to each his/her own…just me considerate of others and where you are. geez aren't there enough real issues to worry about what someone is or isn't. Don't go goring my bull and I won't bother yours. To turn a phrase. LOL

  44. Ooops, she did not block me, she just deleted her comments.

  45. Well don't lose any sleep over it..ok back to the salt mine..back after a drive to my hole.

  46. Geeez alot of assinine comments..think I will leave this group..feel free to bash me I wont be able to see it. Buh-bye

  47. i apologize for losing my cool. i was enjoying the conversationand got ticked because of the sniping. i don't beverage anyone their rig at all. the places i homesick are a stretch for me to get my little rig in. so rarely do i run across these issues. a pet peeve of mine is those who constantly run generators instead if using them as designed. because i homesick in deep forest solar isn't a high priority. i publicly apologize for my behavior

  48. Everyone makes the choices that are important to themselves. We boondock in a Toyota Class C, even parked on the street in Denver with the blessing of the Denver PD. We wanted to be able to roll on without returning to a base camp, and something small and gas efficient. We are self contained, full bath, full kitchen and moving entails securing anything laying out. Our friends wanted a walk around queen bed and went up to a 27 foot class A. We may trade out for a TT one day when we are slowing down on our journeys. Decide what you want and do your research before you buy.

  49. And that is the bottom line Lisa Heath

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