Trying to convert my SX 250 into a XC


Trying to covert my sx 250 into a xc any suggestions or if any body has some stuff laying around they want to sell let me know.

Ariel Greene:

did the same thing to mine, flywheel, oversized tank, bigger rear sprocket, and changed to from the orange to green spring oh and a mapping switch.

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  1. Here’s what I would do. 18\

  2. How much is an 18 really needed??

  3. What Dustin said plus G2 throttle yammer, and fly wheel weight also 18\

  4. It’s not just the flat protection you get from an 18″, it’s a slight bit of suspension, plus a lot more traction and much less deflection off roots and rocks. Not to mention being able to buy tires actually made for woods use. I’d do the wheel before all the other stuff you need to do… Revalve the suspension and detune the engine for less hit. Sell it and get an Xc or xcw. Much easier and cheaper in the long run plus you’ll have a chance of selling the real xc when you’re done with it.

  5. Heres what you need to make it close to an xc: xc head, different carb slide, jetting, xc ignition, tank, trans. Just a few others also but there covered by the other fellas

  6. Sell the sx and buy a xc.

  7. did the same thing to mine, flywheel, oversized tank, bigger rear sprocket, and changed to from the orange to green spring oh and a mapping switch.

  8. I’ve got an Acerbis oversized tank

  9. And I’ve got a xc head

  10. Jamie Reed can do the suspension he owns JRP . Best Suspension ……..

  11. Thank you for all the comments guys now I can get and idea where to start


  13. I’d did a flywheel and went up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket

  14. 13 x 51 gearing

  15. Sell it and buy an XC that’s what i did.

  16. ^^^ why u have a a better bike than an xc just adjust the suspension and powervalve contact Jamie Reed he can do that and engine and carb mods as well if you feel you need National Pro Power .

  17. Yeah I would be lying to say that thought hasn’t crossed my mind about trading it or selling it but I like it I just need to do some mods that’s all

  18. Most of my riding buddies have sx not xc. I have had sx, xc ,xcw. All good machines. The Sx is a damn good woods machine . Most if not all the pro nepg guys ride sx not xc

  19. That’s them not us.

  20. Lol Bill Malec I hear ya

  21. I have had them all SX, XC, XCW. My favorite for woods racing was the 250 XCW with XC head. I ran the yellow power valve spring. Had to shift more than I liked with the SX and XC and the SX always wanted to lift the front wheel when climbing hills. The XCW will snake through the tight uphill tricky hills without breaking the rear loose or lifting the front wheel. An “A” rider may prefer the SX but most of us are not “A” riders.

  22. So my cousin bought a 2015 xc and the rear caliper keeps locking up is this common and suggestions

  23. I want to try the off-road model. I ride with 450’s and on the road the 300sx is no match especially with the gnarly pipe. I think the off-road trans is the answer.

  24. Sell it and buy an XC

  25. go down to a 45T rear and/or up 1 T on counter.

  26. Where you riding it? I see your from michigan too, I only trail ride and have had mx bikes before that work very well off road with minor changes. I have a 2012 250xcw and trail ride only. 18 vs 19, I dont see the need to spend the extra money here, not that many rocks in michigan to worry about. Larger tank, depends on how far your typical ride is. Usually if I do a 50mile +/- ride, there is a good chance I will see a gas station in the middle somewhere to fill up at, I am seeing about 25 mpg. 5spd vs 6spd, only an issue if you are on long stretches of roads. SX vs XC head, I went to a sx head because it gave me more low end. sx vs xc ignition, I installed a sx ignition for a short period, made the bike a lot snappier and I went back to the xcw ignition. Flywheel – have heard the sx has a lighter flywheel and lighter crank, I think a heavier flywheel or flywheel weight would be helpful. Suspension – I would think a revalve would be in order for primarily off road riding.

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