Triumph Daytona T-765 RS


T-765 RS, Check out this customers special, Drop me an email for the spec and costs. The machine will be built to your spec, suspension will be sprung to you. The bike is in store now so please get in touch! Pure Triumph Woburn 01525-292-490 email:

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  1. Stock 765 engine or have you done cam work ?

  2. 765R or base?

  3. We offer a few packages, this one is built on the RS platform,

  4. Although it’s not OEM, this looks tidy. I wish I could ride one

  5. Looks great

  6. Sweet mother of god ?

  7. Is this for real?

  8. The bike Triumph need to build but refuse to.

  9. Shall we pop in then?

  10. In Germany is a dealer to.
    Triumph Rhein-Hessen he build a Daytona 765 from a Street Triple RS


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