Trek or Giant?


Trek or giant which company is better for hybrid bikes?

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  1. Rocky Mountain :p

  2. I love my Gaints

  3. Treks Verve bikes are great. Also check out the FX bikes. They have a lifetime frame warranty as well.

  4. I like treks 7.3

  5. Track and giant are made at the same place get the one you like

  6. I had a Trek 8.3 Dual Sport. It was a great bike until the rear hub bearing went out in it twice. I never got water near the hubs or bottom bracket. It was supposed to have sealed bearings.

  7. Any of the major brands are about the same.

  8. SALSA…..the early entry, the best

  9. I have worked on most of the major brands and agree with Marsh Wildman, There is really not that much difference between the major brands, Trek or Giant difference is insignificant

  10. Ride a trek 7.2 . Very comfortable

  11. Trek— American made too

  12. At any given price point it's apples to apples.

  13. They are both good. Giant will have a minor price point advantage in being the 'actual' manufacturer – this assume they are passing on the savings. I believe TREK is made in the MERIDA factories as an OEM builder.

  14. probably same steel or aluminum so pick the better welds

  15. For the kind of bike whatever one fits you the best at the best price go for it. Both are good

  16. Just ride your choices. Just for 2 or 3 mins. One Flash will come "Yeah. I am very comfortable. That is your bike. Not confusing with brands or cost. Ride and decide.

  17. I'd go for the make and model bike that best suits my needs. Too often these bikes are over built with shocks and gearing that exceeds the rider's needs. Example: I live on flatland with reasonable roads, so for my ‘round-town utility bike, I chose a Linus 3 speed. Anything more and it would be wasted, add expense and weight.

  18. Forget hybrid and just go full electric with a kingsong :-p pedaling sucks

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  20. KTM,felt,cervelo,pinarrelo,dogma,Scott, eddiemercx

  21. U love my giant hybrid on and off road hardtail!!!!!

  22. Haibike is a good example

  23. Love my Trek, love them in general. Last 3 bikes were all Trek. 🙂

  24. So many great bikes. Buy the lightest one you can afford. Make sure it fits correctly. Get disk brakes.

  25. There are other companies too including Specialized and Fuji for example.

  26. Obvious Giant Is The Worlds Largest Selling Brands..

  27. Same. It comes down to components. The frames are made in the same factories in Taiwan.

  28. I would not be surprised if many brands were affiliates of one parent company creating their own competition.

  29. Both garbage.

  30. Whichever one fits you best. Get fit for a bike.

  31. I personally prefer trek over giant. But I suppose they're essentially the same. And they're frame geometry is different

  32. Specialized 🙂

  33. The company that builds the bike you feel most comfortable on. Also (as others have said) try the other brands. Specialized have some awesome Hybrid products and GT also have bikes equal to Trek and Giant

  34. Trek. I have one – love it.

  35. Both are good, and actually made in same factory. It's all about fit and preference.

  36. Nobody likes a Giant bike they just end up with it or don't know any better. get a Bianchi and be the envy of the neighborhood amiright Tim Elliott

  37. Did Shameer make a decision yet?

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