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I will be traveling to the north cap in June this year with GS1200 i will happy for in formation including people that are intent to go to . Thanks

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  1. From where you start?

  2. i will arrive at hamburg on the 4th june get the bike and travel to kiel and form then by ferry to Gu00f6teborg ant then to north capp

  3. My date is the 26 june!

  4. i will be back on the 20th so i can tell how was it

  5. I realise that Denmark is far from exciting, but are you really sailing from Kiel to Gu00f6teborg? That’s a +14 hour – probably pretty expensive – boat ride to prevent an 8 hour drive… If I dropped in from the south, I guess I’d go north through Jutland and sail the short (and cheap) way from Hirtshals (north of Denmark) to Kristiansand (south of Norway) instead. That way you get a short(ish) drive through the best parts of Denmark, a shorter and cheaper boat ride – and get to drive through some of the most beautiful parts of Norway as well.

  6. it will be a night ferry so i leave kiel at 18:00 and arrive at 9:00 very fresh

  7. Your choice – but I still think you are crazy! 😀

  8. because i’m very short at time i’m going direct to the north capp , ant on the way back if there is time i will travel the other ways.

  9. That’s quite a short time, I’m afraid you’ll miss a lot. I did it in 21 days two years ago and I feel like I rushed it…. But as it is, at least for the "middle part" of the country use route 17 instead of the E6 (for one way at least). There are some ferrys to take but it’s certainly worth it.

  10. I have been in Norway for 10 days from Oslo to Bergen with a car this time i will go from Sweden side .

  11. on the way up , on the way down its a nice option

  12. one question I need for planing , gas station Alon the roads at home I have Kawasaki 1000 ( versys) that i know his fuel consummation for gs 1200 i don’t know if i need to have extra tank?

  13. I took an extra tank, but I never needed it. Every town that is big enough to be on a map has a supermarket and fuelstation, so maybe 150km between fuel. My F650 at the time had a range of 300km, which I think is less than a 1200GS.

  14. That is a short time I’m also going to north cap in June , I’m taking a route from Copenhagen , Stockholm – Helsinki and through Finland , then back through Norway .
    I got a month to do it , haven’t heard many people doing it through Finland , any hints there would be nice .

  15. I did it through Finland. I wanted to use 4 weeks, but used shortcuts and did it in 3 because of the bad weather (I went in September). Have a look:

  16. It’s only two gasstations you should focus on if travelling the E6. Up to Steinkjer it’s no problem at all. To be on the safe side try to have a full tank in Namsskogan. Then you have a good ride up to Mosju00f8en. Between those two places it’s mainly very small places. You should get to Mo i Rana with that fuel. In Mo i Rana you should fill it up again…before Saltfjellet. There are no gasstations up on the mountain and the arctic circle. Have a great trip and hope for great weather. It’s a beautiful country ( guite objective off course ). 🙂

  17. to Steinkjer i will be on my way back . on the way to i will go E8 Sweden.

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