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Looking for hard top box recommendations to use on my daily commute. Have the Yamaha side cases but they make filtering in city traffic a bit tight. I’d prefer not to have a box hanging out too far at the back as i like the lines of the bike tight. I like the idea but not the looks of the one in the picture below.

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  1. I have a shad sh42. Get a full face helmet in there and plenty of room for other bits too.

  2. I use the shad sh48. Plenty of roof and there matte grey and carbon top match my bike perfect.

  3. ONLY buy the genuine Yamaha one if you are carrying a pillion. \nThey have engineered fixing bolts that allow the box to slide, ever so slightly, from side to side when cornering etc.\n\nFixed box are renowned for breaking the mounts

  4. Just installed the Yamaha 50l oem.

  5. I think my Givi V47 looks great on the 09, and is very functional

  6. I filter everyday with panniers on, no problemo. I also decided against a top box and went with a tank bag, to shift the weight to the front.

  7. i have a ventura rack which is good cose you can turn it around so it not sticking out

  8. I have Kappa k47 top, and side are k33n

  9. Thanks all. Lots to think about. Den Den Hickz – do you have any more photos in side profile ? I think I was a Ventura I linked in the photo above.

  10. I have the givi V47. Its has plenty of room for daily commutes and looks good too.

  11. This is the lightest 47 liter case Givi E470N

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