Tracer 900 Tyre Recommendation


The new Tracer 900 wearin the standard Dunlops. Any good or is a tyre change my first upgrade?

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  1. I ran mine for the life of the tyre and enjoyed it. However, a change of tyre did transform the ride. Depends how deep your pockets are…

  2. roadsmart3 for me once oe gone.ran them on my mt10..lasted and gave great grip

  3. pilot road 4 all the way in all weather

  4. Pirelli scorpion trail 2 if some offroad . Metzeler roadtech 01 for more confidence on dry and wet road

  5. I really like the Road Attack 2 Evo and the Trail Attack 2. Will probably get the Trail Attack 2 again next tire change. I suspect any of the better rated tires you will find far superior to the Stock Dunlops.

  6. After researching, I’m going with the Pilot Road 4s for all-around awesomeness.

  7. After stock tyres I placed Pilot Road 3’s and if the bike was enjoyable before boy is it good now

  8. Pilot road 4. Grips all the time.

  9. Not had a problem with the Dunlops at all but I’m sure when I replace them I’ll notice a big difference.

  10. I put on the Roadsmart 3’s after wearing out the OEMs. I do a lot of Sport-Touring and the Roadsmarts hold up great on long rides while still being lots of fun in the twisties!

  11. Thanks for the feedback lads

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