Tracer 900 Handguard Recommendations


Well after killing a magpie at 70mph this morning. I need a new handguard! Any recommendations?

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  1. Givi eh2122

    • Did you notice them have any effect on the high speed wobble? I have dialed it out for the most part with suspension adjustments but it still happens every once in a while. Wondering if the larger gaurds would make it worse?

    • Still the same as far as I can tell

    • Mian Cowell Thanks for the info. I just ordered some. I will probably have them professionally painted black to match my 16 FJ09 color scheme but I am looking forward to a little better weather protection as i ride year round.

  2. I don’t think the extenders will be any good as it’s cracked right where the screw is.

  3. The real question is, does this constitute as hunting and do we need a license?

  4. Bet you’re glad those hand-guards were there though…

  5. I am hoping the 2018 model hand guards will fit.

  6. Oem parts would be cheap to fix it

  7. Partzilla have low price oem parts , i pay 8 $ for handguard Plate and 20$ for handguard arm

  8. Yeah Barkbuster look really nice, I changed mine and much prefer them to original ones!

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