Today’s project is synthetic!


Today's project…synthetic

winch rope. This was bought off Amazon for $25. Only issues were that the new hawse guide was 1" too big. Need to find a smaller one so I kept the roller on for now… and the old cable was held in with hex set screw. Needed one with a head to secure new end

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  1. Be sure and stretch it. Hook to a tree and pull you atv or sxs with the winch and it will stretch it and it will roll up better on the wench. There is a video on YouTube about how to do this. Pretty interesting

  2. Watch those rollers with ill cut that rope in a heartbeat

  3. I live on a hill. I hooked it to my truck and pulled it up

  4. I replaced the clevis and used synthetic rope. This Saturday an f350 got stuck and I actually winched him out. He pulled my machine forward a few inches. So I know the cable and winch are definitely strong enough to get my machine out of anything.

  5. Build offset brackets

  6. I got mine at Harbor Freight. Everything lined up great.

  7. Astra Depot Blue 4 4/5 Inch Mount Bolt Hawse Fairlead 3000lbs-4000lbs for ATV UTV Truck Synthetic Rope Winch Cable

  8. What rope is it?

  9. Synthetic is the way to go, I will never go back to that steel cable

  10. Monster rigging has the best rope around. Give them a look.

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