Toce Exhaust vs Taylormade Exhaust


Just got the 1K. trying to keep it pretty stock except slip on and PCV/tune. so heres the question. Toce or Taylormade? i know il probably get guff for this but the reson im against taylormade is the carbon fiber. i love the all black color edit: im going for looks and sound, not performance

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  1. Toce, taylormade sucks

  2. as of now im thinking toce. power isnt that important to me. this is plenty fast for a first street bike lol

  3. My taylormade fairing melted the f*ck apart

  4. also, anyone have pics of either? especially on a ’16?

  5. Taylormade.. I had one unlike the toce it actually gives some back pressure

  6. I love my taylormade. Looks like it belongs on the bike. If you don’t like the Carbon. Just paint the panel to match your bike. Lucky for you flat black is an easy one to do.

  7. It was missing the heat shield in this picture

  8. do you have one with the shield?

  9. I loved the way it sounded and looked but I went full akro with it

  10. Rene-Can we see a front shot– are those tips flush?

  11. You’re gonna get a PCV and tune but only want sound?? Makes perfect sense.. just run headers then if you want sound…

    • im new man. if you have some advice or insight im all ears. im going with the tune because im told you can get a bad fuel ratio without it if you modify the muffler or headers

      • If you want sound, just take the stock exhaust off. If you want power, put a PCV, quality slip on (not toce or two brothers) and then tune it.

  12. At first I was like, pshhhh…. this guy’s a troll. Then I realized you were serious when you said you want looks and sound, not performance. Lol whatever floats your boat. What if you could have both?

  13. Both are junk. Get arrow, Akrapovic, Yoshi, or m4. You will never see actual racing teams use either of those brands or designs.

  14. You know you can have the carbon fiber cover painted to match the bike right?

    • so pay extra for carbon fiber and then pay extra to have it painted black and make it heavier

    • Unless someone you know that can design the cover piece out of some other material… thats all it is, if you are concerned with weight, neither of your choices are that lol Im just telling you thats an option, but you will also have to be careful with the heat… ive personally had both on different bikes

    • i got you. sarcastic question got a sarcastic answer lol im considering doing it tho. might be worth it for that look

    • I think it will look pretty bad ass with tge flat black to match, and nice smooth, flush look… On a gsxr 1000 i had with a taylormade, the CF panel literally melted off and was ruined because apparently if you dont have the exhaust protruding a tiny bit the heat will mess up the exhaust, but if it sticks out slightly passed the panel, its fine…

  15. Why is everyone bad mouthing toce? Unless this dude is all over the track every weekend regardless what he goes with as long as he tunes it he will never notice the difference.

  16. I dont mind toce, go onto an r1 forum and post about a toce… its pretty funny to watch how many despise the toces lol

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