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Hi there, Folks ! Quick question : Has anyone of you changed the default sprocket confguration in order to get a bit more top end on flat roads ?

I do know that eleven ponies don’t give you much headroom to play with… but by going down one or two teeth on the rear sprocket could give you a few extra MPHs and will not hurt the acceleration that much….

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  1. They change swing arm.

  2. That would nearly eliminate the speedo error… but in turn the odo will show you less travelled distance…

  3. How about checking if the mudguards allow you to put one size bigger tyres on the default rims.. As the bike comes with 120/70-12 & 130/70-12 by default, 120/80-12 and 130/80-12 are what you need to look for….

  4. In thailand they use a bigger rim.
    Will affect the speedometer

  5. You know what, I kinda dislike the difference between the clock value and the speed in reality, do you think if I use a different size of tyres, it might affect it? Do you think it´s possible to fit a slightly diffetent tyre size on the rims?

  6. What is the default sprocket configuration btw? 13-32 ?

  7. Well if you read 130 on the clock, the real (GPS) speed will be around 117km/h.. As 61 is 50 real, 116 is 102 real…

  8. Not big different

  9. on the clock?

  10. How much faster does it actually go with this "set up"..?

  11. Im using 15-32.
    Its ok for me

  12. I mean 115km/h is fine, but 102km/h (which is the top speed in reality) isn´t..

  13. I´d happily sacrifice acceleration for some extra speed.. As I´m only 60kg, and weŕe practically ridin´ single only, the acc. shouldn´t be affected that much..

  14. This is funbike bruh.
    Speed doesnt matter.
    If u wanna speed, get its big brother mv agusta.

  15. The gearing is the most disappointing thing about these bikes – they are slow!

  16. Use 32t at rear sprocket

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