Tired of ground sleeping in a tent


Need some help please:

The wife wants me to look into a camping trailer for us, she is tired of ground sleeping in a tent. So I have a few requirements, lets see if they can be met.

1) Queen size bed

2) Access to cargo during stops on ride

3) Ability to set up tent WITH OUT unloading trailer

4) enough storage for two people, clothes, food, camp gear

5) enough extra storage for wife hitting various Flea Markets

6) does NOT look like kleenex box on wheels

Anyone have a suggestion that meets most or all of these requirements ?

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  1. Look at Rollahome . My wife and I have the the king bed model and love it. You can access the storage with it set up or taken down .

  2. Also Bill and Shelia will treat you like family and they never forget you

  3. That flea market thing you might look at shipping stuff home so she has more room for her necessities.

  4. Motocamping.com
    A lot of campers for sale. Found mine there

  5. Kim did you mean motocampers.com? The other site says it is for sale.

  6. Aspen Sentry. Queen-size bed, 22 cu. ft. Of always useable cargo space accessible while on the road and at campsite, sets up in about 3 minutes. And we are currently having a summer sale – $300.00 off for select colors. Check them out at http://www.trailmasterinc.com!

  7. Rollahome all the way. I just finished setting up in Calgary after going over the Rockies

  8. Buy a truck n tag along

  9. Check out our website http://www.crosscountrycamping.com. Has all the info on Aspen campers including a video showing set-up and take down, plus the current summer special.

  10. I’d buy an aspen and get her a bike and trailer to haul all the flea market stuff.

  11. The Aspen. If you can find one, we have a Kwik Kamp. Love it. Meets all your criteria.

  12. Get some decent cots and cot pads. The tent has nothing to do with it.

  13. We have a bunk house got room for more than I want to carry and a king size bed

  14. This is what we have sleeps 4… Storage in middle … And ALOT cheaper then the ones that sleep 2…

  15. LOL… #6 made me laugh. But seriously, looking cool shouldn’t be on that list, that stopped when you decided to tow a trailer.

  16. No experience with these but I like the fact that the tent is separate from the trailer. A little more setup time but more versatile. http://www.roadmancampers.com/

  17. I would get a bunkhouse or aspen the 2 best campers around

  18. Talk to Lennard Joanne Lado he sold me one an I pick it up on 29th. Je is a very nice man

  19. lus right now they have a good deal going on

  20. Definitely go for king size, besides the larger bed, the dressing room is a Little larger and a little more storage area below. We’ve had a Bunkhouse and an Aspen. Aspen has inside framework and two wells in the storage area which to me makes it easier to pack. The Bunkhouse has the outside framework, which my husband preferred for set up, but the storage area only has one well. Both are quality, both have curb access, both can be set up without unpacking and trailer great. You can see all major brands at Wing Ding in Billings, MT over Labor Day. They will have new and used. Roll A Home is another but when I looked at a NEW one last year at Wing Ding, I was disappointed in the quality of the workmanship. There were sharp metal unfinished edges. When I sat on the edge of the bed there were bolts sticking out where you rubbed again them. The mattress was even thinner than the others. Their concept is great but I was disappointed in how they finished it. It pays to check them out completely. We have found we really appreciate having the cargo bay carpeted. Quieter, easier on your things, looks nicer.

  21. Bunkhouse , Aspen, Roll a home.
    We have a Bunkhouse love it but get the best deal u can on any of these you’ll b happy I think.

  22. Time out love ours

  23. time out trailer

  24. Look at YouTube see how they all set up and find the best deal

  25. Love my Aspen

  26. Roll a home

  27. Bunkhouse or Aspen

  28. John, you live not to far from where Roll-A-Home are made in Hobart,OK.

  29. One area that needs to be kept in mind when watching videos. They are always done inside or in sunny weather. If you’ve camped much at all you realize more times then not you are either setting up, tearing down, or both in the rain. Some issues to keep in mind.
    1) If all your gear has to be unpacked to get at the tent, then it’s setting out in the rain as you set your tent up.
    2) If your gear goes into the cargo area last, again it’s setting in the rain as you put the tent away.
    3) If you pack a wet tent in the same space as your gear stands to reason your gear will get wet.

    Picking a trailer sometimes can be time consuming. Research, research, research. You will probably not find any trailer that meets every requirement. Prioritize your requirements and choose the best one that fits your needs.
    Watch every video you can and pay attention to every task required. Good luck.

  30. Motor home

  31. We love our aspen camper!

  32. An aspen class or a king size bunkhouse. Got rid of my timeout for that reason and I love my aspen. 25 cubic feet of storage under the bed!

  33. Aspen has Fram on inside frame you can hang stuff on

  34. Some really great ideas, will have to look at them closely this year and make my decision before tax season (when we plan on buying), THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am kind of surprised how many replies this got so fast !

  35. I have a Aspen…love it…should meet all your requirements

  36. Get a Bunkhouse camper. Kingsize bed, access to cargo on the road and after parked. Put stability Jacks down level open camper done. We really do love our Bunkhouse.

  37. Bunkhouse with a King bed!

  38. Well, you were doing great until you got to #6.

  39. We have a king-size Roll A Home and Absolutely love, love, love it! I researched all the models they have talked about went to the wing ding in Huntsville last Labor Day weekend and looked at them, loved Billy and his attitude, l loved the quality of the Roll A Home, had an accident coming home couldn’t pick it up until this April, he gave us the newer 2016 model. Love the space inside, the under bed storage, the solid floor, sets up in 5 minutes, second night using it we were set up on the 2nd highest mountain in Arkansas in one of the worst wind and rain storms, other then not being used to sleeping through that kind of storm woke up next morning to probably 3 inches of water outside of the camper, but we were nice and dry! Yes you can have AC as well. You can make your bed with real sheets and even leave them on the bed, I do reccommend adding a 1 1/2 inches thick memory foam mattress topper for those extended stays. (If you decide to get one pm me and I will tell you a few tips we learned for making the bed that make it easier to reach everything)! If you have anymore questions- pm me. Check out their Facebook page and tell Billy, David & Olivia sent ya…

  40. The is our Roll A Home

  41. I have a RAH and would be interested in your tips you have learned using yours!

  42. Aspen Classic would do

  43. Kwik Camp or Bunk House Aspen Motorcycle Campers

  44. Check ibmc.org click on motorcycle links. There is a list of manufacturers

  45. Aspen classic king size bed 30 cubic feet of storage plus a basement and easy to set up

  46. after seeing another post on this group, does anyone make a hard side trailer for behind our bikes ? I ride a GL1500 just FYI

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