Tired & Frustrated!


Tired & Frustrated!
I had my first post TT blood work drawn,TSH,FT4, & FT3 all came back within normal range. TSH 1.22,FT4 1.49, FT3 2.3
I told my doctor that I had noticed that my FT3 was very low. She said that it was within normal range. I am still suffering from severe lethargy, and I’m still loosing hair. I am taking Calcium,D3,B12,E,C,Magnesium,Potassium,and a nurse suggested I take Prenatal Vitamins. I can’t help but to think that my low FT3 is the result of my symptoms.

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  1. What brand levothyroxine are you on?

  2. Ok we don't have that over her. I know i felt really bad on Eltroxin but better on Goldshield just different brands

  3. T3 is low by optimal standards. Next visit tell her you would like to try T3 and if not on name brand T4 you would like dispense as written. When you tell them what you want they tend to let you try it.

  4. Also tell her/him you are shooting for optimal not just in range.

  5. I learned that FDA allows a 25% variance in dosage compared to name brand. Mayo clinic and my Endo confirmed this. How can that be allowed?? Anyway, hated Levo. Moved to name brand and I take it at night….feeling better…I'm pretty sure. I feel for you. I find it confusing.

  6. I went to a really good health shoppe and told them about TT and all meds I was on. Explained nail & hair issues. They have me a bottle of BioSil to try. Don't know is other supplements kicked in around the same time or not but my hair doesn't seem to be coming out like it was and is not as frizzy.

  7. Symptoms mean MORE THAN NUMBERS! Please find a practitioner that recognizes that. I had 3 endo's tell me my numbers were within the normal range and I ended up having thyroid cancer that was SO bad, I had to have emergency surgery. The "normal range" for you, isn't the same normal for another patient and vice versa. When are docs going to realize this?! Please be proactive with your health and be your own advocate. Also, I will not take Levothyroxine/Synthroid. I've been on NatureThroid (twice a day) for 5 months now and I'm a different person. I have energy, my hair is growing back, and I'm actually able to exercise!!!! I'm back to running 4-6 miles a day! Research it and read the reviews from patients. You'll be shocked

  8. I LOVE your name, by the way!

  9. Diffently find a dr that is willing to help you find what works for you. I tried Nature-throid and armour and my winner is Synthroidcytomel. Of all of them it made me a new person! Everyone is truly different so be willing to do trial and error & habe a dr that is ok with that. My husband does armour and he does well, but what my dr thinks is my Hashimotos recognizes NDT so doesn't convert the T4 so all I was getting was the little bit of T3 they have in them.

  10. I had a total TT April 2011. I have not found a doctor that will work with me to change how I feel, HORRIBLE !! I DO NOT care what the numbers say, listen to what I SAY !! I know my self better than some numbers !! I have the problem with living in Texas, its a long way to a doctor, that's not the problem, my insurance isn't great. I got shot in the back and the bullet lodged in my spinal cord. I have had 33 surgeries. I am on social security disability. My insurance costs me over $450.00 a month. Then that doesn't cover everything. Plus, most doctors will not take me as a patient. My husband is just retired and has worked long and hard to get to here. Our dream of going places and doing things has come. But, in comes my health, I am too tired to put my clothes on, much less pack and go on a trip. I guess I will always have a grudge against the doctor that did this. But, keep going forward, you can not change the past, but, you can the future !!

  11. Thank you all for your wealth of knowledge and support. πŸ™‚
    I have dealt with numerous doctors over the years in regards to my thyroid & goiter. I was diagnosed with the goiter over twenty years ago, and due to the fact that my thyroid levels have always been "normal" nothing was done. My FT3 has always been very low. The last 6 years I have been diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia,spasmodic torticollis,IBS,celiac,etc. I have fought that perhaps it was all due to my thyroid, but none till this day have listened. So, it's so nice to have all of you here that have experienced the same frustration. Yes, we have to be our own advocates.
    Thank You All So Much x3C3

  12. Sunday, usually when there is one autoimmune disease, there's others. Listen to your body and do what's right for you!

  13. One suggestion I have is; if looking for a new doctor consider a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic) rather than an MD. After investigation I found DOs study and practice medicine with the mind, body and spirit. A more Holistic approach but have the same and more medical study. Just something to think about.

  14. Sunday Ellison! I am astonished by the last year I've had. I was sent to a physical therapist, put on antibiotics and steroids and told my symptoms were most definitely separate issues. I couldn't accept that I happened to have multiple life changing diseases two years after discovering I have graves.most recently I was told to consider fibromyalgia, like I had a choice and could pick what I wanted to call it! So frustrating and disheartening. So far 10 days post TT my symptoms are lessened and my drs still deny relating it to thyroid. Just tell me to be happy as if I make this stuff up! It is uplifting to be in a group that I can identify with. We can all change the future of medicine for thyroid disease by speaking up about our stories. I'm sorry to see you have been through this for six years. Keep fighting for yourself.

  15. Andrea Michelle McCullough my experience is the same except I was being told it was Lupus even though those test were negative. I couldn't even work! As soon as I had TT I was healed LOL miraculous recovery πŸ˜‰

  16. Vicky Shearin I'm hoping and praying for the same for me. It had only been ten days but so far so good. I'm so glad to hear your recovered. I've had to switch jobs due to physical conditions before the surgery. I can't decide if drs are afraid, crazy, arrogant or ignorant. Which ignorance is kinda a given with autoimmune diseases as there really isn't a lot known for sure. But boy they seem to love to label people with a few of them at once.

  17. Andrea Michelle McCullough I had mine in Sept. Had a rough few times during adjustment phase but still not near as bad as prior to surgery! I went back to work the last week of December after 2 years off. And I am doing great. And it is a busy busy job and must be sharp and I am doing great πŸ™‚

  18. I'm very surprised that there are so many that have Tinnitus, and Thyroid. HHMM????

  19. Sunday Ellison, Does your goiter, itself cause problems? Most people that I personally know have had a TT just because the goiter caused problems, my stepmother did, not even because that person does or does not have thyroid disease. By the way, I am in Maryland. I was diagnosed with 5 nodules, one suspicious for Cancer, waiting on my pathology reports to come back after my TT on January 20th. I am legally disabled with a bad leg/ankle. I have degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia, and really bad arthritis. I am 44 years old and have been having health issues 15 years, just being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hashimotos thyroiditis , and POSSIBLY thyroid cancer (not def confirmed or denied yet) just 3 months ago and all 3 within 2 weeks. I found the right Doctor. Just curious if you have seen an Endocrinologist, they are suppose to be the thyroid specialist. My surgeon is awesome and I have only met him 2 times. Once, after my sonogram and biopsy, and once the day of and after my surgery, so I guess technically 3 times. I go see him on Feb 4th for results. I believe he is an ear, nose, throat, and thyroid/thyroid cancer specialist/surgeon. The doctor at the hospital, the one who performed my biopsy was my advocate. He gave me his # the day of the biopsy and told me if I had any issues, problems, or questions reguarding my biopsy to feel free to call. He pointed me in the right direction, recommending me to the Endo and surgeon that I have now. These 3 Dr.s have saved/changed my whole life and although only 11 days after my TT I am very optimistic about feeling as normal as I can possibly be very soon. You do have a lovely name. Best wishes to you.

  20. @ Leslie Eppard White The goiter the last two years kept doubling in size, and started pressing against my esophagus making it more difficult to eat and drink. They also found suspicious nodules that they grew concerned about. So they thought after twenty years it was about time to yank the bugger out. Due to the fact that my thyroid levels were always in "normal" range they never diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto's disease. Now they say that I was hypo. For years being told I had Fibro. I always fought that I believed it was caused by my thyroid. This next week I am being referred to see an Endocrinologist. I hope they are patient advocates and help me level out meds & FT3 levels. I look forward to a bright,joyful, loving,healthy, and adventurous future. πŸ™‚

  21. Best wishes to you! Thanks for sharing. I am at day 12 after TT and feeling optimistic to know what close to normal feels like very soon. I have been ill/symptoms for about 15 years. I look forward to LIVING again!

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