Tire Suggestions for Harley Davidson Electra Glide


Looks like it’s almost time for tires…What’s best blend of performance and durability

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  1. What tires are you thinking of putting on?

    • Top leaders are Dunlop and Michelin

    • Only reason I ask is I have a 2009 Electra Glide ultra classic and am running the Michelin’s and I’m not very happy with them . I’m putting on the Dunlop’s and hoping for a better ride . The Michelin’s are very hard riding .

  2. Michelin commander ll

  3. Michelin commader2 are my choice in I’ve ridden in lots of cold and wet. Long mileage from then too

  4. Michelins hands down

  5. We have the same bike! I’ve just always replaced mine with the D402 Dunlop’s that it came with.

  6. Got about 4000 miles on the commanders and I am not impressed very hard tire goin with elites next not shure I’ll even wear out the commanders almost intolerable for me and a bunch of riding buddy’s feel the same ! They are terrible on the highway I ride a lot and tires make up a lot of the ride as far as comfort goes!

  7. Used Dulop for 53 years and never had a problem.

  8. I’ve liked Dunlop American elite

  9. I second the Dunlop American Elite. I’ve got 9k on a set I put on last year and, still got a lot of life in them. I ride year round, rain or, shine. I’ll put them on again. Have heard great things about the Michelin Commander II as well.

  10. Only problem I have with the commanders is not as good on wet as dunlop

  11. my brothers recommended to me commander 2’s. they said its the perfect mix of wear, grip and wet rain traction. I have almost 500 miles on this back one and so far its been great. I even had it on wet grass and it did very well.(dont ask) I rode 35 miles in the rain on it this past weekend and it held great. I got mine from 2 wheel dot com. But i think you can go wrong with any of the premiums mentioned here

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