Tire pressures for Can-am Maverick X3


Just got this one a couple weeks ago. Put a few miles on it doing a nut and bolt check now. Everything is loose! Here's my question: what tire pressures are you running ? Right now mine are 6 , 10, 16 and 25

Tire pressures for Can-am Maverick X3

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  1. All 4 tires are at different pressures?

  2. Around 16 on bighorns give or take for rocks or sand

  3. The more I poke around on this thing the more I find loose ! Lug nuts , reservoir clamps, shock mounting bolts.

  4. I know its awkward to mention the dealers names but if you don,t the Bad quality dealerships and service departments will continue , and we will all keep going to them and complain here.

  5. Go see the crew at Strictly UTV – replace the rear radius arms and sway bar linkage. I have the same cart and within 400 miles of riding crumpled my rear radius arms and linkage. These carts are not built with the best parts imo

  6. Get the HCT kit and sway bar you can do it yourself. I helped my buddy do it and the geiser gauset kit.

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