Tire brand recommendations?


Tire brand recommendations?
(no Dunlop or Bridgestone (Firestone)

I decided to go with Pirelli Night Dragon

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  1. Bridgestone every time!!!

  2. Pirelli Route 66 is a good rear tire

  3. U've used Dunlop for years and now changed to Avon as they reckon they will last longer.

  4. I put Pirelli Night Dragons on my 1500 Classic two years ago. Great leaning traction and ride, so far so good.

  5. Have a 180 on the back, very happy, just a shame it says harley on the sidewall

  6. Just put on metzler marathon 888 front and back
    Love them

  7. What's wrong with Dunlop, that's what's on my 2007 Nomad front/ back and they seem to be great?

  8. Commander III just got one, love it

  9. I always use Bridgestone,they were OEM with my 2005 Vulcan 1600 Classic.

  10. Michellen

  11. I do like the Shinko on my Enduro motorcycle

  12. I agree with you,, no Dunlop
    Go with Bridgestone or Michelin

  13. Never had any issues with Commander 2s. On wifes Harley too.

  14. My Metzler 888's seem to be doing will on my 1700 Nomad

  15. I have shinko 777 and they are doing good so far

  16. I ran Metzler's on my '06 1600 classic. Really liked them. I have to get some new ones too…

  17. Id go with a double dark setup. Shinko 712 rear up front and a Michelin premier AS car tire in the back.
    Works good for me

  18. Shinko 777hd is a surprisingly good tire for the money. I swore off of shinko several years ago because they wear fast. But the 777hd seem to be a lot better, I've got a rear one on the front of my 1700 voyager now, and a car tire on the back. I've yet to burst into flames so far.

  19. I've been using Commander 2 on all my bikes. Next will be the 3

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