Tiger 800 XR or XC?


Your opinions please, I’m looking at buying a Tiger 800, but which one? The XR seems great, is more road oriented (I’ll likely be a 90/10 rider ) and fits me better w my 30″ inseam. But the XC is only $1,000 more and you get $680 in additional accessories a much better suspension and it’s only 1 inch taller (supposedly according to the stats). Your thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I just bought an XCx and it’s awesome!

  2. XC for me every time ?

  3. I plan on doing an Alaska trip when I retire so I went with the XCx fir the better suspension.

  4. I bought the basic 800 and at first regretted not having all the “toys”. However, after 6 months I am convinced that I really didn’t need them anyway. More to worry about, more to go wrong. More than happy now. Best buy basic and upgrade absolute necessity, cheaper too. ?

  5. Triumph has a Tiger promo on for free hard cases on new 2017’s.

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