Thoughts on KTM 350?


Thoughts on ktm 350?? Looking for a fun bike to play with but cant decide between 350 and 450. I weigh 80 kg and is not planning on racing profesionaly with the bike.


Nathan Kherlopian: Hello mate, I have a 2018 350sxf. Way too much fun. A 250 on crack! Easy to ride, plenty plenty power and I’m 90+ kgs.

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  1. What style and terrain?

  2. 350 … it’s a Win Win situation plain and simple !!!

  3. Getting rid of my 520exc road reg

  4. A 350 will do every thing a 450 will till about 60 mph

  5. 350 lacks grunt at low rpm the new 450 is so light and easy to ride in tight stuff. And yet ignorant power when you want it.

  6. are you a woman?.. 350. nare you a man? .. 450/500.

  7. Charles Fox you must really be something special to question someone’s manhood like that …. i’m not impressed Haus

  8. Buy a 500exc and you won’t regret it

  9. Get the 500….. you will love it.

  10. U want fun buy a 2 stroke!

  11. Had a 350 Blue Ktm, and had a lot of fun with it. Changed back to 2t, but must say its a difficult choice between 2(2t/4t). 350 all the way. All round good and easy in tight technical, and fast in open section.

  12. I have a 350 and love it

  13. I have 250sx (300cc) 500excf both great at two different things, 250 smaller lighter more nimble, 500 stable excellent above 70mph plush suspension. If I was to have one I’d Keep the 250sx (300cc) for best of both worlds

  14. I am 95 kg…350

  15. new 300 tpi awesome boet

  16. No replacement for displacement.

  17. I find the 350 boring and unresponsive. Need to ring the neck and little excitement comes out.

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