This will be my first year camping


This will be my first year camping. I'd like to know if you put anything under you when you sleep in a tent to make it softer?

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  1. Have used for years cheap, and rolls up small.
    And eye candy on the right will keep you warm.

  2. Stay away from air mattresses in extreme cold.

  3. Air mattress grounds to hard for these old bones

  4. The most important reason for a pad is to provide insulation between you and the ground. You will be much warmer with a pad. And then there is the comfort against the twig or stone that always finds its way underneath. As you can see from the other responses, plenty of options-depends on how much camping and your budget. I use Thermarest, got it for half price because it has a blemish – still works…

  5. We use swags down under…comfy sleep every time

  6. Yes simple rule of thumb we ussd in army
    You on ground means you get cold. I use exped Down 7 Mattresses, (there are internal pump type with a layer of down inside of mattress), may I also add if you use something below you pluse a silk liner in sleep bag, it will raise the rating, btw silk liner is also a insect reppelant bugs can not get through the silk.
    So if you have a mattress then down sleep bag, (2 season), then liner your gone up to 3 season.
    If you go to my photos i have number of photos of some of the equipment I use

  7. My ol lady!!!

  8. If you don’t mind spending a little bit extra for a better night’s sleep, I recommend one of these from Andy Strapz. The best thing besides the comfort level is how compact they pack away, more than less than half the size of most other camping mattresses and extremely light weight

  9. Andy Strapz great bits of kit

  10. Geoff Jenkinson that exped down 7 mat i have look at my camping photos

  11. Army/Navy store sell sleeping bag matts. Roll up and easy to tie, roll, store, & attach to bike. Waterproof too. I’m a vet so I’ve used them plenty of times.

  12. I use a cheap pool float like the 5.98 ones at walmart

  13. I used a thermorest mattress pad for many years. Not like an air mattress, thin – but you open a knob and air fills the inner area by itself. To roll it up, you squeeze it out. Not thick but was enough for me until I got a lot older! I have also used pool type air mattresses, but you have to blow it up (or pack a small air pump that can get hooked to your bike) – downside is that they tend to develop leaks and you wake up at night on the ground. Good camping stores have a lot of great options – especially if you don’t have a bad back and need a lot of padding!

  14. Carmelita Snicklefritz the exped mattress have 2 valves and you pump the side of the mattress no blowing

  15. I picked up a 3/4 length ThermaRest pad on clearance through REI online a few years ago. It packs small enough that I always take it with me.

  16. Typically…my wife.

  17. Air mattress

  18. I have a cot.

  19. No, but I take extra time to clear the spot before the ground cover goes down.

  20. Eddie I use a tarp under the tent and then I purchase a single inflatable mattress!

  21. I have a 2 inch self inflating pad. It works great

  22. Find the hardest most pointy rock to lay on. Then the rest of you will seem more comfortable

  23. Exped. Spend money on a good sleep mat. Not just the cushion but insulation.

  24. We travel on two big bikes when camping, so it makes a difference. Regular list (short version):
    10×13 tent, queen air mattress w/pump, two bag chairs, lantern, small collapsible cooler.

  25. yes. a cot

  26. This was my son and I on a trip. the back one is what I was riding and shows the trailer I pull.

  27. Self inflating pad

  28. A queen double air bed

  29. Coleman twin air mattress

  30. Coleman twin air mattress and one of those small Harbor Freight moving blankets for insulation from the otherwise cold ground/air mattress. 😉

  31. thats a matter of your own choice. most people use a air mattrice.

  32. Airmatress. . Coleman make some goodones kinda bulky to pack, also some thinner ones available too.. ive used both .. ether works.. im too old to lay on the groung.

  33. Thermal rest air mattress. Folds up small

  34. sleeping pad, air mattress get holes and and they are cold..

  35. I have to say the OUTAD cot listed above looks interesting. I just need to know what size it is folded up for transport. Need to make sure it fits in my luggage.

  36. Yup…a cot…lol

  37. Nope google Aussie swag.. Best nights sleep you can get camping and stay dry and warm no spine chills

  38. Queen air mattress

  39. You guys must have a ton of room on your motorcycles/trailers…. I could never take a Coleman air mattress and pump…

  40. I believe if your sleeping on the floor of the tent, then put your money into a good insulated sleeping bad. Exped, Big Agnes are two that come to mind.

  41. Big Woman LOL

  42. Thermarest

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