This question is for those of you in Quartzsite


This question is for those of you in Quartzsite. We are thinking about spending next winter there. However, I have been watching the weather there and it has been in the freezing range at night. I thought RVers go there in the winter because it is warm! What am I missing? Why stay in freezing temps?

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  1. Because it's NOT supposed to be this cold.

  2. Quartzsite becomes an entirely new place in February. Jewelry artists go there to buy gems, etc. may help you see more of what you need. It is called the boondocking capital.

  3. Doesn't freeze everynight plus you can boondock for free

  4. It doesn't last long there… Maybe few weeks 🙂

  5. December and Jan, it is winter, 60's in the daytime with sunshine, cold when the sun goes behind the mountain!

  6. we also plan to be out there next year. starting from wisconsin in early september and want to see the cubs spring training games. at least 4 or5. have not figured out a route yet. but after how cold this winter started out think we should head south first then west? need good rv park close to cubs also besides quartzite. anyone stay at any and recomend? we would like to reserve for a month? so from september to the next may we are open to places and travel, ideas? thanks

  7. Are the recent freezing temps unusual?

  8. The weather is springlike. I lov going there. Lov nature meeting new people just bbq in the open desert is heavenly. Almost spiritual. Also, u can isolate yourself with no neighbors or be near people. I am in between. I tell my hubby that when we no longer are able to travel long distance we will stay there the whole 6 month for $180 not bad.

  9. It gets cold at night then u cuddle. 🙂

  10. burn tweakers to stay warm…plenty of them. choose your neighbors well.

  11. I highly recommend the Tucson-Nogales area, if you are going to winter in Arizona. more liberal and relaxed than the rest of the state, with a nice little music scene.

  12. Mid January is the big tent for a week. After that we head to Senators Wash ( you must go through the Army Proving Grounds). It is another BLM land. Then we go to the road to Algadonis Mexico. About 1/4 mi. from the casino is a flat spot on the right that can hold about 25 rigs. It is warmer in the Yuma area. Algadonis is the next exit west from Yuma. If you can find at least one other couple to travel with it is more fun.

  13. Today is the first day of Quartzsite winter. Back up into mid 70's & 80, in two weeks.
    I can put up with chilly, and close to freezing at night for 2 weeks!!!
    Much better than Ohio!!!!

  14. I'm at Senator Wash for the winter season, Taree Schrubb. It's a great BLM with amenities. It is chilly and windy now but beautiful views, SUN and NO SNOW! Much prefer this area over Quartzsite!

  15. We were quite surprised by how cold it's been. We've been here in Quartzsite for a couple of months. Yep, we could have gone to Florida but good luck finding free or cheap camping. And the crowds in FL are crazy! I'll take a week or two of cold nights for the chance to be in an open, free place..:)

  16. Cubs train in surprise or Glendale right? Lake pleasant is close by. They have rv parks but some blm land near too. A few th parks in surprise area but I found them pricy

  17. Destiny park in Goodyear is around $580 a month.

  18. Arizona is the desert and nights can get cold. Sleep then. Days, even after those cold nights are normally sunny and at least 60 degrees.

  19. where do you stay free?

  20. I'm worried about pipes freezing. I have a TT and not so good insulation.

  21. Alan Onion Man. Where exactly in Tucson/ Nogales area. Is it blm areas too. We are heading there in Jan.

  22. the cubs play in mesa so campgrounds around there?

  23. Thank u Taree Schrubb. We may try that.

  24. Those already stated aren't too far really

  25. okay lori not real familiar with area. thanks

  26. I'll ask hubs as he drove can there. We lived in surprise. They have freeways 101,202,303 that loop city so getting around is fairly easy. Will be busy since spring training big deal lol

  27. yup we know it will be busy but would like to know of nice rv park or state campground from someone who has been. so thanks for any info.

  28. La Posa South…LTVA

  29. Is Quartzsite safe place to camp?

  30. Yes, Carletta Bradfield Mcclearen.
    Very safe. 99% retired people. 50% Canadians.
    This is my 4th winter here at Q. Never had a problem, or felt threatened.
    Very enjoyable! Lots to do!

  31. Jim Denning,i am across the road at Tyson wash,i work at the contact station Monday and Tuesday! Stop in and visit!

  32. OK, Karen Hamann Schroeder Zwetzig!!
    I Will!!
    I'll be driving my buggy.

  33. Thank you!! I live in Va and my husband and I are retired. Maybe we can visit soon. I just joined Quartzsite site. I hope to learn more about it.

  34. If you're living in the rig, temps can go below freezing without worrying about pipes. You'll be running your heater and if it's going to get really cold (single digits and stay below freezing days, which you won't see in Q), then it's a little trickier, but still doable.

  35. I stayed on state lands off of Oracle, Alida Garcia; between the Oracle and the Methodist church is a very cool stealth spot. many in area rent private RV pads too.

  36. Thx Alan Onion Man

  37. Just stopped briefly in Quartzite on the way from Phoenix to Indio. I'm here from Texas going to a dog show. Was interested from all the talk of folks staying in Q. Rough looking crowd…

  38. I am down in Ajo. it warms up by 9am with the sun. no long freeze spells.

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