This Low iodine diet is for the birds!!


This Low iodine diet is for the birds!! I’m starving and it’s only 1pm!!

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  1. Are you getting a TT?

  2. I had one already 3 weeks ago this is the prep for the RAI

  3. Did you Doc even mention thyrogen or was there a reason he did not want to go that way?

  4. Thank goodness for Thyrogen! My first round at RAI, I had to go off thyroid med for six weeks. Had to work and it was horrible. Thankfully my insurance approved Thyrogen which I heard is expensive. Please check in to it so you don't have to suffer.

  5. I concur, Thyrogen was a blessing. But my issues were that because of Heart, COPD and Diabetes, I needed to stay on all the meds. Honestly those shots were a lifesaver for me and it shortened the misery by weeks.

  6. I am having the thyrogen shots but he still has me doing the low iodine diet. Did you guys not have to follow the diet with the shots??

  7. What!!! Wtf!! I wonder why he's making me do it!

  8. There may be a medical reason for it, Communication is paramount as well as educating yourself. They tell you don't believe what you read on the net but I was well prepared for this event in life and still ask my surgeon/endo guy lots of questions…he makes tons of money so he owes me the answers and his time

  9. I did the low iodine diet, thyrogen shots and went off my meds for 10 days.

  10. I'm currently in isolation. Had my dose yesterday. Been off med since jan 2, diet since the 9th. You'll get thru it!

    Once again, everyone is different but I heard again yesterday, from someone who's been thru it and from the pathologist that they believe the first round of treatment is more effective by going off meds and subsequent treatments can be done with the shots. Some insurances are not as flexible with the shots either. So, my doc has already suggested we do the shots on my next go around before the end of my plan year when all my deductibles/co insurances have been met. Maybe it's just the protocol here in Colorado for first time scans…

  11. Even with the Thyrogen shots you have to do the low iodine diet for two weeks before RAI and one week after…I gained weight on it cuz I was eating oatmeal and carbs cuz it deleted about 99% of what I only eat! Maybe that's why my T3 has always been good…I eat a lot of iodine!

    My antibody tests all come back undetectable…the Thyrogen shots suppressed in the 140s…I think it worked fantastic and not one hypo symptom! Expensive but worth it!

    Oh…and I am in Colorado….first time RAI

  12. It was only a suggestion. All my medical providers have said the same thing. From my endo to the nuclear physicist to the radiologist. Maybe it's their specific protocol. I have no idea. Regardless, we all go thru the same thing in the end. It really hasn't been so bad and being tired during this down time in isolation isn't horrible. I'm getting lots of rest! ­čÖé

  13. It def is diff for everyone!!! I don't even have 2 weeks before my RAI… I was diagnosed from my pathology on Wednesday saw my endocrinologist on Friday and and having the RAI end of next week

  14. And my diet has been chicken and turkey and pork with lots of veggies and fruits. I know weight gain is part of it, however I've actually lost weight during this period. That being said, I'm excited to get back on my normal diet and dare I say I'd like a piece of pizza?!!! Lol

  15. So he has me following the one from and they state no poultry or beef unless it's from the butcher … Did you do that too?

  16. Kristen Constantine Oreste, I did find a good "cheat" brownie recipe in the lid cookbook that helped me if I needed something sweet. Check out cookbook

  17. So again every situation is diff. You should stick with what your provider recommends…since it sounds they are wanting to deplete you quickly…

  18. I followed thyca….sorry, I would not follow anything from the ATA…they're horrible!!

  19. Sounds like she doesn't have 2 weeks from her post above, Kathy. There must be a good reason.

  20. When it comes right down to it, I had cancer, And from that point forward, Whatever I had to do to survive it I would have done. My angels were with me and i got thru it without really much of an obstacle considering the alternative. With a strong support system and some outstanding prayer warriors and military family, I got thru this, I am now cancer free and have to visit for a scan once a year for a couple of years time. I am going thru all of the ups and downs getting the meds regulated but that heavy weight is now off my shoulder. Thank you Dear Lord.

  21. The diets on both sites are exactly the same

  22. Weird. I can have meat. And joe, I completely agree. I've been blessed with an amazing support network.

  23. Both my ENT/surgeon & oncologist basically dismissed the low iodine diet before RAI treatment. I asked; they both just said avoid seafood & spinach. Hopefully, they were right as my cancer was Stage three. I did do the diet on my own about five days before RAI. It was bad. Good luck to you!

  24. Good luck! It did kinda suck doing it for 3 weeks….but it's all for a good cause….your health!

  25. I just started the diet today and I thought I would pass out I was so hungry. It's a mental thing for me when I know I can't have something, I'm going to miss my French Vanilla Coffeemate the most. And my Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits.

  26. Hang in there Luann. Good luck

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