This is my Kwik Kamp



This is my Kwik Kamp. 1996ish. Had it a few years now.

Never been happy with how much wind it captured that whipped around behind the bike. On bad wind days I could feel it dragging the speed and strain the engine.

I added the front box over the winter. Pulled it the first time last weekend.

Came home Monday into 15-20mph winds all day.

WHAT AN AMAZING difference having the pointed nose. So much easier to pull.

Just sharing in case anyone's ever thought about it….or hasn't but now they are.

Peace…..CAMP ON.

This is my Kwik Kamp

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  1. Where did you get it? I was thinking it would be great for things that need easier access while traveling.

  2. That’s what I ride a road star

  3. Can you fit a cooler in the box you made?

  4. Amazon through PepBoys. $90. Weighs 10lbs. That’s exactly what I use it for. Tarps. Hammer, etc

  5. My cooler fits in the box.

  6. Nice! I haven’t pulled a trailer (yet!) so thanks for the input, keep oncamping!

  7. Johnny Gray

  8. You bet. Much better areo. Also, if one runs a flat front, it should have a deflection angled across bottom to run air under the unit so as to reduce the amount of tailpipe fumes that can build in the vortex between a passenger and the trailer.

  9. Too handy, I have used these boxes on my trailers!

  10. I started pulling the Harbor Freight style trailer with a 800 Suzuki. Just moving the license plate from the fender to the back of the trailer was a noticeable difference. Nothing like a little aerodynamics

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