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This is a question for fulltime boondockersl. What do you do about getting your snail Mail

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  1. I have mail service in Show low ….they can FWD it for me like they do when I spend my winter's in the Tucson Az area…

  2. I was wondering the same thing.

  3. Though the Post office or a service company

  4. It is a private company that I use they are awsome! They can sign for my FedEx and Ups…

  5. Because here at least the post office wont forward your mail unless its for a change of address. Be cool to find one with different locations around the country. Because I dont plan on being anywhere with a address for a while but if I could figure out in advance where ill end up could have things meet me as I go.

  6. All my mail goes to my sis-in-law…… She sorts thru it and emails (scan) the important stuff…. 90% of what I need is via on line accounts….. Not too much of a need for snail mail anymore.

  7. Yeah that's why i pay the yearly at Show low AZ …I can use them as a address because it's a physical address not a P.O box…

  8. What we really need is a section that covers all the questions that get ask over and over again.

  9. Funny Will….

  10. I use a mail service in SD. Love them. My mail goes to them and whenever I want it, I send them an address to forward. General delivery at a post office works fine.

  11. And I'm not a full time boondocker. But am a full-time rver and the answer is still the same.

  12. Thanks everyone

  13. Not full timing, but do go out for significant periods. On the long runs, I change my address to a friends house. If there is anything important, he scans it in and emails it to me.

  14. We use a mail forwarder (Alternative Resources) in SD. Many services like this in SD, TX (escapees) and FL. Our SD address is our main mailing address as well as our legal domicile. Whenever we want our mail we just ask them to forward to the nearest Post Office via General Delivery. The PO will hold it until we pick it up. You DO need to call the PO and make sure they accept General Delivery…not all of them do. Been getting mail like this for 5 years now.

  15. Willard R Mayfield please share more info about the show low mail number, price?. Thanks

  16. America one ….85 a year…928-532-7447..tell them Willard "Rocky" …told you about them…

  17. Thanks for the information. Will be sure to mention you. Stay safe!

  18. Thx….they are great! They Can do FED Ex ups…THEY CAN Also fwd…What Was Good For Me Was A Address NOT A Po box…Kinda Like People Do In ST TEX, FL….

  19. I was recently gone for more than 30 days so holding mail wasn't going to work. I did a change of address on line and all my mail went to my sons house. When I was on my way home I cancelled the change and new mail started showing up at my house. It worked very well. Of course I did have to drive to my sons house to get my mail, only an hour away. Would work for any trusted friend too.

  20. Jim Maas and others be careful of the USPS Change of address. With all the new concerns about Identity theft much of your mail can not be forwarded. We found this out the hard way last summer when we spent it in Vermont. We did not receive any bank statements, some bills and other mail.

    When I investigated I found out they can/will not forward anything that ask for an address correction or has do not forward on it. That includes a lot more mail than I ever realized.

    If you are full time you are well advised to get a mail service like those mentioned.
    If you are part time or Snowbirds like me, I recommend you get a family member or friend that lives close by (one you trust and stay in touch with) to collect your mail. When you communicate, they can tell you what mail came. You can have them open and read it and/or send it to you.

    If you are boondocking you are likely in a rural area, and in rural areas, many business owners will receive and hold packages if you do business with them.

  21. Property taxes are not forwarded. Found out the hard way.

  22. Oh no, Ellie Chauvin. I know when mine are due and can pay online.

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