This bike feels like a 125 with a bigger motor


Ok peeps, virgin no more. After about 35 miles of southern ohio technical single track, rocks, roots, hills, ruts, whoops and water crossings and being old and out of shape I have the following to report. First, never, never, never ride without handguards in this stuff. I haven’t got mine yet. My hands hurt!!! This bike feels like a 125 with a bigger motor. Ergonomics felt good to me. I was immediately comfortable on this bike. Plenty of motor on this bike when needed and I could run third gear in places that I would have been in 1st or 2nd on my kdx. Did I mention it has brakes? I found out how good the front brake is, and it hurt. In the tight stuff this thing went where it was supposed to go with little effort. Keep in mind that I never messed with the suspension settings and I am 5′ 8″ 145 lbs. Will be playing with the settings soon. Some people may want to raise the handlebars. Overall I am completely satisfied and am looking forward to actually setting the suspension up for me. As I am writing this on my phone I will cut this off now and continue later.

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  1. In regard to your comment above. What gearing did you run on the KDX and what does the XTrainer have as stock? I run 12/49 on my bike so rarely use 1st unless chugging up or down a gnarly hill.

  2. It feels pretty stable. Also I found myself running 3rd gear where I would have been 1st or low second on my kdx.

  3. Maybe if we trace back our Welsh roots Bernie :-). I'm from Brisbane, Australia.

    Excellent. I love my KDX and have ridden my friends Beta 300 RR and KTM 300 EXC. I'd like a bike a little more mellow, and have considered the mid range 4 strokes 300-350cc, but don't really want the additional weight. The XTrainer sounds like it's got the bottom end torque of a 4 stroke, and the weight of a 2 stroke. Plus I like the idea of the low seat height (like the KDX). The bike sounds spot on for the type of riding I do too.

    How does it feel at speed?

  4. Danny Evans, maybe we're related lol. As far as ur question, so far it is far better. I guess I like the word far. Motor is very good and lugs very well but gas it and it goes. Turns much better than the kdx, is alot easier to pick up off of the ground and e-start is the shitz. So far I'm extremely happy with it. Where u located?

  5. Hi Bernie Evans, first all all, great surname :-). Secondly I like your choice of bikes. I'm currently riding a '00 KDX200. How would you compare the XTrainer to your KDX?

  6. What bike were you used to ride before?

  7. Congrats Micah Puyear

  8. Awesome, excited for you! Keep coming with updates.. I have kiddo #2 due this month so quite possibly this bike is 1 yr away for me.

  9. Don't know yet Adilson Pissini. Only rode 35 or so miles but I am figuring 60 or so at least.


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