Thinking of heading to Daytona for Biketoberfest


Thinking of heading to Daytona for Biketoberfest. Debating on weather to stay with friends, a hotel or camping. Any suggestions on a campground if I decide to drag the camper down?

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  1. there are a couple of campgrounds on US 1 near Destination Daytona, one is Moonshine Campground the other is privately owned and doesn’t have a name. I don’t think either one has power available, both have porta potties. There is Cackleberry Campground at the Cabbage Patch.

  2. and there is a KOA at International Speedway Drive and just off I-95 by the Daytona Flea Market.

  3. If you can get in Gamble Rogers State park ( Flagler Beach ) the river side is new, or you can stay on beach side ( High Tides a short walk is a great place to eat ) a lot of bikes will be their Also Finns on the beach is a hang out. You can ride the loop to daytona Or take A1A to Main Street

  4. P.S. I live here so I can answer some of you question. Bike week is in my back yard

  5. I’m 30 miles away lol

  6. I’m looking for something with a real shower house and bathrooms. I like to camp but I’m still a girly girl. Haha

  7. The state parks have them and the river side of Gamble Rogers state park is new

  8. Sweet. I will see about some reservations. Stayed at Blue Springs a few years ago on a dive trip and really enjoyed it.

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