Things 600cc riders say?


Things 600cc riders say? Not that I don’t like a middleweight bike. Some of the riders just try way too hard to compensate.

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  1. Anything more than 600cc is a waste. You can’t use it on the street

  2. R1 to triumph 675R love the bike but I do miss the out right power of the R1…

  3. I breeze by all the 1000s in the corners. Nobody can physically ride a 1000 on the streets

  4. Lol I own a few r1s but out on track the r6 is still the bike I prefer riding/racing on. IMO 1000cc guys need the power to compensate for errors they’d make if they were on slower bikes.

  5. I had a custom rebuilt R6 that pushed 156 HP to the rear wheel i won over 15K in races. Most against 1000s

  6. But the standard 600 guys say things like "bbrrooo i can go 190 mph" and they got lower sprockets

  7. 2010 r1 and a 2008 zx6r, there is no question what’s the winner.

  8. Why would I want a 1000cc? I can already wheelie i don’t need the extra help to get the bike up.

  9. I see no use for 1000cc on the street. Hell I don’t even care for 600cc on the street. I put 1k miles a month on my ninja 300 and it does just fine, never really needed the extra power. Cheap af insurance, 60mpg, cheap tires, cheap parts, nimble as fuck and being pretty comfy means more to me then 100hp. I have a gsxr600 that’s track dedicated, that’s where you really get to show how good of a rider you are

  10. My 600 will do 200mph stock

  11. you 1000cc riders are funny, on track where these bikes are intended to be used properly straight line warriors be screaming them 1k bikes down the straights and pushing them round corners

  12. My most used comment while out riding my R6. ‘Wish I had an R1’ .

  13. "Ya, im about to get a thousand…."

    "I ride a C.B.R. six hundred Are Are two thousand ____."
    "I ride a Kawasaki Ninja six hundred thirty six, two thousand ____"


  14. This is my own comment, but i personally love both of my bikes, the newer R1 feels like the R6 (08-16) in the corners, has faster acceleration, but my R6 was my first sporty so i cant bring myself to sell it plus i think it looks mint

  15. I think it depends on whether they have ridden a 1k or not. I had 16 r1 that I was tracking in A group, sold it and now have a cbr600rr and cbr300r. I mainly just ride canyons and tracks now. If I still rode on streets I’d buy another 1k. Yes you cant use a 1k to it’s full potential but you can use all them fucking horses! Freeway riding, long distance commuting, etc. 1k are far superior if you can control yourself when needed. Otherwise it just comes down to the rider. I have passed a 2018+ gsxr 1000 in the canyons on my 97 goldwing lol which I still have cause some of these street goons need a reality check and nothing like being passed by a large barge leaving rubber on the road

  16. I own a r6 and a r1 I ride what I want depending on the route I’m taking

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