They come stick with a full skid plate (Z950)


Alright I got a question about our Z950’s they come stick with a full skid plate correct? So are they junk, just don’t work good, work but cheap, seriously should replace them? What’s everyone’s opinion?

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  1. Mine still doesn’t have any damage and I drug it a few times hard. That be said I believe there’s a skid plate they sell that looked very nice but it was like 900$ I was debating on it but didn’t feel like I beat it up enough to justify it yet.

    • I have seen that one and I agree it’s more than a lil pricey, mine have token a pretty good beating but are still in really good shape. Just not sure how well they will hold up or how long they will last

  2. I busted my skid plate up within two weeks of owning it. Crawled over a big rock it and it crumbled like a cookie. Very cheap and thin plastic

    • this is why I’m asking, thank you for the feed back, I haven’t crumbled or ripped assist mine yet but I try to be careful to not bottom out.

  3. I’m a CFMOTO reseller. I always recommend sticking with the stock skid plate (you paid for it!) unless and until you have some problems, and then look to replace. Unless you know for sure that you’re going to be doing major hardcore rocks and deep ruts and expect to be smashing things right away…

  4. My 2016 z800 has 3100 miles and original skid plate still. It’s still all one peice.
    Myself If id go aftermarket, it be 1/4″ aluminum and I’d simply trace it out with the OEM one then cut myself. I can do my own for under 100.00.

    • that’s great, wish I could but I don’t have the tools for that kind of job so unfortunately I’ll be one of those that spend a fortune

  5. I had my 950 for less than a week and broke it literally crawling over a rock in my yard .. gonna get a 5/16 sheet of the butcher block plastic and make my own skid plate.. if you plan on doing a lot of crawling go with a hard plastic you will slide over rocks and such where if you go with aluminum it is a soft metal and the rocks will dig into the aluminum easier and you can get hung up on them

  6. Don’t know about the 950 skid plate but if they’re the same material as the uforce, they’re junk. Mine started cracking the first time I went slowly over a log literally on my first run. Been looking for a replacement more durable that won’t be falling apart in chunks every time you bump it.

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