The Yamaha Niken is a waste of time


The Yamaha Niken is a waste of time and resources and is retarded. I will ridicule the that shit machine. It is a pathetic attempt at the KTM slingshot. Spell check doesn’t even….. Niken is a spell check turd.

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  1. I think the Slingshit (intended) is made by Polaris, or BRP, or something. KTM makes the “XBow”. Semantics, I know. Anyone who releases a 3 wheeled anything is going to get shat on. But they’re also bound to make some money. People who have disabilities or are just plain scared of bikes like them. What sucks is I have to wait longer for the Tenere 700 now, probably because the Yamatrike was ahead of it in the development schedule.

  2. Still cooler than the slingshot or spider. But yah total waste of resources.

  3. Slingshot? It’s a ripoff of this ugly ass scooter. It’s just like e-bikes in the MTB world… yes everyone hates them, but they allow people to ride who wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

  4. The people at Yamaha know a lot more than you guys about making and selling motorcycles. Please keep that in mind.

  5. It looks like conjoined twins.

  6. Yamaha also heavily considers what will sell in its home market of Japan vs the world. And I’ve seen stranger things in Japan with my own two eyes.

  7. Plus engineering needs something to do. If we had it our way we would all be on juiced up cr500s

  8. No issues with it at all and think it’s rather cool looking really. It’s definitely got a market at folks who can’t ride a regular 2-wheeled bike including many disabled people. I’d certainly take one for a ride myself though doubt I’d purchase one. Its a great world when we have options for everyone! Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean 50,000 others throughout the world aren’t going to love it.

  9. Those 3 wheel scooters are super popular in European cities.

  10. Matt Cham, I was about to say that. They are indeed very popular. I can’t imagine how well this thing will go.

  11. they only have a prototype called tenere 700 raid… they said that last year also for 2017…. its still not out even in 2018 it wont be… if they do like usual…. well wait 6 years and have something that doesnt even look like the intitial thing everyone wanted…. i remember the crossplane motor everyone waited they put it in a fz1…..from 2009 they said it would be out ….waited till 2014 bought a normal fz1….to end 2015 they got it out with a strange facial and crankshafts that literally exploded…

    they arent like they used to be…pretty much bulletproof from the start… now yamaha cuts on quality control of his parts…. and have an ackward budget on the people who chose the concepts…. nikken what and ugly expensive piece of waist… maybe for people who are handicaps or have balance problems in ears but why waist so much energy in develope a 3 wheeler when you could just redesign a wr450x/r engine in the wr450f frame or a 600+ cc supermoto thats reliable light simple and not overpriced like ktms

    or have different suspension tech in the departements… all those suspension look to be tuned for 140lbs guys… and thats not the reality of america at all… 160-180 maybe but you put springs that even a 160lbs guy cant ride too agressive cause it will be overwhelm… majority of riders i know are 180 and up…. we buy yamaha everyone that knows motorcycle and rides decently hard or ate least agressive know they have to change springs and sometimes valving with yamaha…the price of that swap is the price difference with a ktm that already has all that with even more brrembo master and calipers wp valvings and bosch controls…ecetera .. come on… im a fan since i was brought to motors…now im looking away more and more since you dont seem to listen to the public

  12. Don’t forget that there are other markets than North America. Yamaha probably never expected to sell many WR250rs over here where the mentality is always “bigger everything is better.” And they know this isn’t a dedicated dirt bike. Other markets such as Western Europe already love the 3 wheel scooters versions made by other manufacturers. You see them all over cities and I see them quite a bit in NYC where I live. It’s not made for handicapped people as I see suggested a number of times above. How do you expect to jump up on this from a wheel chair…? In these areas they are used to commute. And im guessing it’s not well known just how many more people commute on 2 wheels in places other than North America. The US is not a motorcycle friendly nation unfortunately. Quite the opposite.

    • dude handicap use those as recreational and people with ear disorders have fonctional legs….

      but the mp3 scooter already exists… a 115hp 400+ lbs 10000+$ bike isnt exactly a ideal narrow city tourer… europe has specific laws that would advantage t4 t7 a2 permits since they all under 105hp

      over here quebec canada we arent allowed specific mx dirtbikes and enduro like wr450f on the streets…. not like a couple states in unitedstates… all we have are wr250 drz400 (old carburated heavy feeling that does accelerate like maybe a wr300 ) but is prone to valve stator chain tensionner snaps and loose bolts problems since 2001 and never upgraded… we are left with modern 250cc 298 to 340lbs or big 650 350+lbs bikes that dont have the power nor the throttle reponse nor the reliability of a recent 4 stroke injected 450 engine…..

      the only one tjat stayed in that market is ktm and husqvarna… and believe it or not… people pay 13000+ dollars to have hands on it because its the only option….and they would.of bought a wr450r or x way before going to ktm and husqvarna because they trust yamaha more

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