The temperature when up to 209 Fahrenheit


I just bought my motorcycle and I have a question.The temperature when up to 209 Fahrenheit is that normal?

The temperature when up to 209 Fahrenheit

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  1. Yes, completely normal. Like even below normal….

  2. Yes it goes up and down. Kong’s your riding and sucking air u won’t have that problem

  3. 08? I would change the coolant. At this weather mine is not going above 200Fu00b0, but yes, 209Fu00b0 isn’t bad, sometimes going up to 220Fu00b0 at the red light.

  4. If your crusing it should be around 180 but that’s normal for city riding.

  5. I wouldnt worry til after 225 ish. Keep a check on your coolant if always in stop, and go traffic

  6. Yeah your fine. Fan kicks in at 221. Be worried after 235

  7. Mine stays right around 212

  8. That’s not normal! You need to part out bro!!! … how much for the exhaust? Lol

  9. What is that?!

  10. Normal ! Mine runs at about 210 you can always get Nick Marino to set your ecu to have fans kick on sooner and lots more he’s amazing ! Check out his X-plane web site .

  11. Yea especially if your doing alot of stopping an going.. R1’s aren’t made to sit still long, if you want a low temp bike get a 600

  12. Yes that’s normal for Yamaha… I was like that when I got my 07 R1

  13. No not normal. Should be in Centigrade

  14. Mine gets to 220 when ar stop lights

  15. As long as ya fan turns on dont even worry … could do a coolant change and add waterwetter … it could bring the overall number lower…

  16. Totally normal ,Mine gets to 215 at lights.when and if you get it flashed you can set it for what you want

  17. A Nick Marino flash handles this

  18. Needs a bigger rad

  19. I have a 2006 r1 raven and it my temp when idle Is around 215-220 and that’s about when the fan start kicking in so yours is normal

  20. They need air! So speed faster

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