The stock gear set on a 09 is 17/47


Ok, from my research, the stock gear set on a 09' is 17/47… Well the speedometer is off by 30mph at 75. 😕 new tire on the back. 190/55/17. Any ideas? Please and thank you.

The stock gear set on a 09 is 17/47

The stock gear set on a 09 is 17/47

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  1. I think it’s the tire and possibly the 520 conversion

  2. I want to keep the heavier chain.

  3. There is no way a 190 rear would throw it off that much. So at 75 is shows 105?

  4. At 75 it’s at 92. My bad.

  5. So what’s the stock 09 tire size?

  6. It’s not in KPH is it?

  7. Are you the original owner? If not it most likely has been flashed for different gear ratio.

  8. Can’t remember, is the rear on an 09 a 55 std?

  9. Yeah its all stock, sorry, I’m a 200 runner 😉

  10. Would guess Ecu was flashed. Stick a 12oclock labs corrector on it. Great bits of kit

  11. I have a 16 tooth sprocket that will fit. Won’t solve your problem in this case though.

  12. Simple. Someone ran a different chain and sprocket the swapped the 530 back before selling.

    If there is no Speedo Healer or other brand of speed correction device in it, then it was done as part of an ECU flash.

  13. Get a Speedo healer and check out

  14. 17/47 is stock

  15. have a look on gear commander will tell you what size sprockets it should have and tells you what it should do in mph to diferant sprokets

  16. have you tried checking if it clocks up correct mileage. if it does then you know its a problem with the speedo. its an easy uncomplicated first check, which would rule out the instrument pack.

  17. It doesn’t.

  18. Jesus christ…clean up

  19. I’ve already cleaned it up.

  20. Question, I didn’t see it above…. How do you know the speedo is off?

  21. Had my friend in his 2016 stock impala next to me and checked at 45, 65 and 80mph

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