The frustrations of having a cold and Raynaud’s


The frustrations of having a cold and Raynaud’s:
1) not knowing if you feel cold because you have a fever or if you’re starting a flare and just haven’t noticed a color change yet

2) realizing you’re running a “Raynaud’s fever” and trying to convince your boss that a body temperature of less than 95 degrees is possible, albeit painful

3) wondering if you should try the age-old method of “dropping” your fever with Motrin, despite the fact that you’re already flipping freezing and want to just feel better for 5 stinking minutes.

4) trying to decide if you should call in to work tomorrow or deal with it, because you don’t really know if your fever is because of a cold or a flare

5) trying to get someone to understand that the lovely cup of hot tea they made for you will burn your mouth and feel so good in your stomach all at the same time…But that burned mouth has you hesitant to drink

6) knowing that the only people who will really get this are other Frosties or their families.

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  1. Take the ibuprofen (motrin) for your comfort. Take a warm shower to see if being cold is temporary. Guess I would not tell a boss what your normal temp is, JUST I HAVE A TEMP, feeling like the flu. Make sure if you have body aches, be mindful, it might just be the flu. Being sick with any of these illnesses/syndromes is serious enough to toss you to more side affects. If the known side affects you have had in the past make you down right really sick, YOU ARE SICK enough to call it I AM SICK, MUST BE THE FLU. I had to be mindful of this cause I worked in the hospital and when retired from there after a couple decades, I did daycare. 2 kinds of care for vulnerable people. Yes that hot tea or what ever you heated up, burns make situations worse, don't go there. Lastly, sometimes even families don't get it, or think it might be something you outgrow with time. NOT going to happen. So depend on yourself. Self preservation means set the timer for 30 minutes, take a warm nap with a rice pack, fleece blanket, etc.

  2. Oh that's awful Nick. I'm sorry. I started having low body temp about 4 yrs. ago. Hard for me to figure out if I'm really sick too unless something drastic happens. I hope you feel better soon. People who question why things happen especially bosses really suck sometimes.

  3. My normal body temp is 96-97. Genetically, febrile seizures run in our family, and are outgrown. 4 generations of siblings, cousins, parents, etc. documented so far and in a U of MN study on this. BUT since I outgrew it (we all did about age 5-6, my normal temp went to the lower numbers. Seizures happen anywhere from 101 to 105. My (now 14 yr old) granddaughter was always the 101. My 2 year old grandson and my 10 year old granddaughter are the first NOT to have seizures.

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